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You're viewing {{ selectedVertical.emailCount | number:0 }} emails received in {{ lastMonth }} from {{ selectedVertical.companyCount }} companies.

On average, companies sent {{ selectedVertical.averageEmailsSent }} emails.

The most active day was {{ selectedVertical.topSendDay }} and the average subject line was {{ selectedVertical.avgSubjectLineLength }} characters long.

{{ selectedVertical.mobileOptimizedCount | number:0 }} emails were mobile-optimized, accounting for {{ selectedVertical.mobileOptimizedPercent }}% of emails.


{{ selectedVertical.emailsWithPromo | number:0 }} email subject included some form of promotion, accounting for {{ selectedVertical.emailsWithPromoPercent }}% of emails.

Email sends by day-of-week

Answer the pivotal question of "what days should I send my emails?"

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Average email subject line length

Email experts love to debate subject line length. Stop arguing and use data to answer "how long should the subject be?"

Emails sent per month

Over-market your list, and you'll burn it. Under-market it, and forgo profits. Get a sense of how many emails you should be sending every month.

Emails sent by time-of-day

Send emails when there's the least amount of noise and find your "sweet spot" with this graph.

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