October 2019 Newsletter

Today we’ve got a cutting-edge new block and a bold new beta that you should “check” out. Plus, our friends over at Typeform have the secrets to avoiding burnout, and Expedia’s UX design team has shared their base for UX project planning. And if you haven’t gotten enough of us with this newsletter, you can come meet some of us in person at AfroTech!

New block: web clipper (and a contest)

With the new web clipper block and the official Chrome browser extension, you can turn content from a web page into a new record in an Airtable base. Save links, text, images, screenshots, or even numbers; add tags or assign clips to collaborators on the fly. And of course, since your clips feed directly into your Airtable bases, it’s easy to filter and sort them later or look at them using different views.

The web clipper block also has a special feature that allows you to share the clip recipes you create! We’ve even made a special section of the community forum dedicated to swapping clip recipes. Head on over there, share your best creation, and enter to win our latest contest: whoever cooks up the best clip action recipe will receive a pair of Airtable-branded Airpods!

Avoiding entrepreneurial burnout with Airtable and Typeform

You don’t have to be a workaholic to get burned out. And you don’t have to be an expert to avoid it—you just need the right mindset and business tools to get you started. Join our free webinar, co-hosted with our friends at Typeform, and learn more from the mental performance coach Micah Maguire.

New beta: text formatting options

Formatting fanatics, take note(s)! Our latest beta will allow you to:

  • Bold, italicize, or hyperlink text
  • Format your paragraphs with headers
  • Organize your ideas using bullet points, numbered lists, or checkboxes
  • And more!

Curious? Sign up for the beta using this form. (Tip: you can actually test out the new formatting options on the signup form if you want to get a sneak peek!)

Expedia’s UX design team uses points too

Expedia’s UX design team implemented a points system on Airtable to manage their workload, as well as keep their international team’s projects in sync. They even went the extra mile and published their base on Airtable Universe!

P.S.: you can publish your own bases on Airtable Universe too!

Airtable is heading to AfroTech!

AfroTech is just around the corner, and Airtablets from SF and NYC will be in attendance. Want to say hi at the conference? Fill out this quick form to let us know you’ll be there too.