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Get $25 off your next House cleaning
Hi Jeanette,
We'd like to give you $25 off your next house cleaning. It's easy, just follow the steps at the bottom of this email and a tidy home - with $25 off - is all yours.
And while we're saving you some money, here are some tips to save even more by making your clothes last longer.
#1 Rotate, rotate, rotate
Wearing the same shoes/jeans each day wears them out faster. (...Shocking). Mix it up.
#2 Wash jeans inside out
Take a second to fold your jeans inside out to make them last longer.
#3 Don't always wash on a high temperature
If your clothes aren't stained but just need a little wash. Why not wash them on a lower temperature?
#4 Avoid the dryer
Dryers are convenient, too convenient. But they put a beating on your clothes. Hang your clothes up to dry. Bonus points for drying them outside, If you can.
Get $25 off your next house cleaning!
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