Running Marketing Trends

The running industry is constantly delving into new technologies and strategies as consumers continue to lace up their shoes. The focus has remained the same - increase the comfort, safety, and performance of runners.

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The beautiful thing about running is that at its most basic, it’s just you, your shoes (unless you run barefoot), and the open road. The simplicity of the sport is one of the reasons it’s one of the most practiced and popular sports worldwide.

Even though there has been a decline in race entries in the last few years, there were almost 60 million runners in the US in 2017. And though the sport can be simple, there are endless accompaniments to running – the flashy races, technical shoes, clothing geared for any season and condition, and wearable tech galore.

There is increasing awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, which encourages both new and long-time runners to continue lacing up their shoes. The running industry is constantly delving into new technologies to increase its runners’ comfort, safety, and performance. In addition, an eye to sustainability has been increasing in recent years, with Adidas notably pledging to use only recycled plastic for its shoes by 2042. Technology is also a key evolution with the advent of run-tracking apps like Strava. The app uses a runner’s workout data to create a community and encourage users to push themselves.

Running Marketing Trends and Ideas
Running Email Examples and Strategies

Running Promotion & Email Activity

MailCharts Running Data From 2019

Most promotional week

Nov. 24-30, 2019

The week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday in 2019 was the most promotional for Running brands. During that week, they sent the most emails that included a promotion.

Most active week

Nov. 24 - 30, 2019

Running brands sent the most emails during the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday in 2019 as shoppers started checking gifts off their list.

Running Email Examples and Strategies

Automate It

New Arrivals Have Dropped! Discover Now.

Sent by 2XU

You know your customer loves a particular running shoe – there’s no reason to do a perfectly curated email for its release in a new color or fabric. Start a new arrivals email flow, like this example from 2XU, for your most dedicated shoppers of customer favorites.

Highlight The Tech

Roclites with Graphene - The Reviews are in!

Sent by inov-8

Think of the experience of the run – how does the technical aspects of the product enhance the experience for the consumer? Focus on comfort, performance, and convenience. Tie in a customer review, like this example from inov-8, or highlight from a key influencer.

Embrace The Diversity

Beginners guide to trail running

Sent by Saucony

The beauty of running is that anyone can participate, and many people take up running at the start of their fitness journey. Create stories around runners of all levels, and invite customers to become part of the community by highlighting social sharing and upcoming events.