Yoga Marketing Ideas and Trends

Yoga brands are trying to carve their niche in this growing category. Popular themes are integrating community, wellness, and sustainability, while also relying on consumers who primarily use yoga clothing for leisure.

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The yoga market has exploded in the last 10 years – yoga exists in conjunction with all other fitness activities. Its rise in popularity in social media in particular has been staggering; it seems if you visit a popular destination, a yoga pose for your Instagram post is required.

With its growth in popularity, the yoga industry has certainly risen to meet the opportunity – there are dozens of brands competing for its consumer’s attention, especially for the women’s market (72% of practitioners as of 2016). Retailers are trying to carve their niche in this large market, and popular themes are integrating community, wellness, and sustainability.

The rise of digital has also contributed to yoga’s evolution in recent years. Yoga classes and instructors are not limited to physical locations – your laptop or smartphone brings the experience to you. In-person classes are also changing to enhance the experience, with mutations like silent disco yoga, aerial yoga, or goat yoga (yes, with farm animals).

However, the yoga market also relies heavily on the customer who doesn’t primarily use the clothing for fitness, but leisure. Brands heavily promote the comfort and versatility of their products, encouraging customers to style pieces for the studio and the street.

Yoga Marketing Trends
Yoga Email Examples and Strategies

Yoga Promotion & Email Activity

MailCharts Yoga Data From 2019

Most promotional week

Nov. 24-30, 2019

The week that included Thanksgiving in 2019 was the most promotional Yoga brands. During that week, they sent the most emails that included a promotion.

Most active week

Nov. 24-30, 2019

Yoga brands sent the most emails at the start of the critical holiday shopping season in 2019 as shoppers started checking gifts off their list.

Yoga Email Examples and Strategies


Your Monday Wellness Motivation

Sent by Gaiam

Yoga in particular has a specific lens – use the community and influencers to tell the story of the product. Incorporate wellness topics, like this example from Gaiam, and encourage users to meet in person at a local store or class. Align your brand to a cause that speaks your core demographic, but don’t seem disingenuous. Tell the customer all about the latest technology features, but also how to style a performance piece.

Automate It

NEW arrivals you need to see

Sent by Vuori

You know your customer loves a particular yoga pant – there’s no reason to do a perfectly curated email for its release in a new color. Start a new arrivals email flow, like this example from Vuori, for your most dedicated shoppers of customer favorites.

Yogawear, Anywhere

Our most versatile material

Sent by Outdoor Voices

We know with the rise of athleisure, folks love comfort. Focus emails around the versatility and comfort of your most popular pieces, like this example from Outdoor Voices, while also giving tips on how to style them for a street look. Your most-loved pants and tops should be featured in distinct looks, to give customers multiple ways to wear them.