In the following chapters, we’ll explore the foundation of email marketing. Our mission: To teach you what it takes to launch successful—and money-making—email marketing campaigns. We’ll get you up to speed on industry best practices, explore the different emails to include in your strategy, and share great examples to spark your creativity.

This book builds upon your existing marketing knowledge. We’ll assume you know core marketing concepts, such as “organic reach” and acronyms like CTR and CPC, and understand the importance of measuring ROI.

If anything seems confusing at first, it’s okay. Hang in there. An explanation is right around the corner. Every section of this book is self-contained. Feel free to read it chronologically or skip around as you see fit.

If you have any questions, spot any typos, or want to share your feedback, reach out on Twitter. You can also email me at

So, grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee and get ready to dive in.

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