Beauty Email Marketing Trends and Ideas

Thriving on creativity, trends, social influencers, and personal desires, the beauty industry has continued to grow and touch a wide range of consumers through these top email marketing strategies.

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Revlon founder Charles Revson said in the 1930s that the cosmetics business sells “hope in a jar.” That hope still generates big bucks today, making it a recession-proof industry. But change is coming.

Beauty consumers are evolving in their tastes and preferences. Younger consumers want to know whether the products they buy are sustainable and made by socially aware companies that are good corporate citizens.

Social media influencers who operate with nothing more than a YouTube channel or Instagram account are just as likely to start trends today as the movie and TV stars who were once the main source of inspiration and trends.

Email marketers in the beauty and cosmetics industry should capitalize on the creativity that guides the beauty industry and the technology that allows them to craft highly personalized and meaningful messages. That can help them cement the customer relationships that might begin in other channels like print, broadcast or social media.

Beauty Promotion & Email Activity

MailCharts Beauty Email Data From 2019

Most promotional week

Nov. 24-30, 2019

The week that included Thanksgiving in 2019 was the most promotional for Beauty brands. During that week, they sent the most emails that included a promotion.

Most active week

Nov. 24-30, 2019

Beauty and cosmetic brands sent the most emails during the week of Thanksgiving, as shoppers began to check gifts off their list.

Beauty Email Examples and Strategies

How can email compete with social media, video, TV and print for the cosmetics buyer’s attention? By delivering something they can’t – highly engaging and personalized messages to customers who have requested them. These beauty newsletter templates and email strategies will show you how you can raise your game and send more effective campaigns.

Spotlight Social Media And Influencers In Email Messaging

💕 A Message From Kylie… 💕

Sent by Kylie Cosmetics

Featuring your cosmetically capable customers in your emails rewards your loyal fans and gives your campaigns social proof and authenticity. This welcome email is a great example. Kylie Jenner is the face and brains of this brand, so it’s appropriate that the first new email new subscribers get should read like a personal welcome note. But it also gets the job done: the “Shop Now” button prods subscribers to go back to the site and buy.

Help Your Customers Buy And Use Your Products Better

Create Princess Jasmine’s Makeup in the New Disney Aladdin Movie!

Sent by MAC Cosmetics

Buying beauty products online is easier than going to the cosmetics counter, but it means there’s no trained expert to help buyers avoid hideous mistakes. Fill the gap by adding educational info to your promotional emails. LInk to your how-to videos and FAQs. This MAC email capitalizes on the craze for all things Disney to show customers how to achieve Jasmine’s look (from “Aladdin”) by using its own products. It’s as close as you’ll get today to the in-store demo.

Add Value To Email Messaging To Build Brand Loyalty

Progress Report: Our 2020 Sustainability Goals

Sent by Burt's Bees

Email is more than a digital discount channel. Value-added email can help you stand out in the crazy-competitive world of beauty marketing. Besides selling products, you can connect with customers by offering more than just another discount. This email from Burt’s Bees, a high-frequency emailer, details the company’s sustainability program, a move that might not sell more tubes of lip gloss but highlights a topic that is central to the brand’s value and identity.

Get creative!

Because, Wine Not? 🍷 Plus Extra 30% Off All Weekend!

Sent by Stila Cosmetics

Makeup, nail care, hair color and style, even tattoos and piercings are the beauty consumer’s way of expressing creativity and individuality. Your emails must be just as unique. This Stila email has great animation and capitalizes on the featured color palette. Plus, it works on a phone, which is mandatory when marketing to younger consumers. Add personalization – name, product preferences, gender, etc. – to show customers you know them as individuals, not just faces in a crowd.