Export Easily

Download your favorite emails for easy desktop access, easier team collaborating, and sharing beyond your email team.

Download email previews or a brand’s historical email data in seconds

  • Just a few clicks gets you a full .csv export
  • Download full, high-quality images of emails
  • Run your own analysis in Excel or Google Sheets

Click. Click. Export. Done!

You can choose to have a spreadsheet with all of the data you see in MailCharts (send time, subject line, technologies, etc.) or high-quality images of the emails themselves.

Reporting bliss

Easily manipulate the data you need for your weekly reporting, and enhance your basic reports to include details like subject line analysis, promotional rate, and email frequency.

Illustrate your plans

Include visuals with your planning meetings or presentations so your team-members get a clear picture of competitor campaigns.

Cross-functional clarity

Add examples to your projects with your creative team, cutting down on the back and forth of designing your next email. Do the same with your copywriting team.

Get creative

Export parsed HTML and create your own templates and designs.

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