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Use our data to build and optimize your email strategy, look into campaigns by competitors and peers, and gain ecommerce insights and trends for brands and industry groups.

  • MailCharts has been collecting emails from thousands of hand-picked brands since 2013.

  • The MailCharts data team regularly triggers, collects, and classifies emails and journeys campaigns.

  • Explore over 100 curated lists of email examples for campign types and holidays organized by category.

  • Browse over 80 curated industry groups, representing the most popular ecommerce categories.

What’s available in MailCharts?

MailCharts has collected millions of email from thousands of ecommerce brands since 2013. Ecommerce email marketers use MailCharts to build and optimize their email strategy, look into email campaigns of competitors and peers, and gain insights into industry trends.

MailCharts focuses on growing and refining the MailCharts Index, a curated collection of more than 2,500 brands organized into over 80 industry groups. It’s designed to be a valuable resource for ecommerce email marketers and others looking for data, insights, and trends in all phases of email marketing.

What you’ll find in MailCharts

Emails: These are the heart of the MailCharts database! Marketers can look at emails sent from thousands of curated ecommerce brands:

  • Promotional emails: These are all sales-oriented or general-interest emails! Our email search options make it easy to filter emails by percent-off, dollars off, free shipping and BOGO offers.
  • Triggered emails: These emails are sent when triggered by an action like creating an account, abandoning a cart, purchasing, etc. We’ve classified thousands of triggered emails to help you get started with planning your triggered journeys.
  • Curated email examples: We’ve carefully curated hundreds of email examples in hands-on marketing categories such as account confirmations, onboarding emails, and post-purchase emails to get you inspired while working on your upcoming campaigns.

Ecommerce brands: The MailCharts Index includes the brands that matter the most – from household names to the newest direct-to-consumer and start-ups. You’ll find your competitors and peers, brands you love, and discover new and upcoming brands. Each hand-selected brand has a strong email program, including promotional and triggered messages.

Journeys: An email journey is a series of emails that a brand sends based on an action (e.g. creating an account, abandoning a cart, etc.). We’ve been triggering, collecting and classifying thousands of essential email journeys like these:

  • Welcome and onboarding journeys
  • Abandonment journeys (cart, browse, subscription)
  • Purchase and post-purchase messaging
  • Cancellation and winback sequences
  • Subscription lifecycle

Holidays: Our individual holiday and seasonal pages give you a head start on your holiday email campaigns with strategic advice and outstanding email examples for events like these:

  • Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Back to School
  • Many more

Besides checking our dedicated holiday and seasonal pages, you can also view curated lists of email examples and use the MailCharts search engine to look for the complete list of holidays we track, including Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl.

You can create your own lists too

Industry groups: MailCharts has grouped brands together to gain information into industry trends and benchmarks. We’ve curated over 80 groups to include brands that reflect popular categories of ecommerce like these:

  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Home
  • Accessories
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Food and Drink
  • Sports and Activities
  • Beauty and Personal care
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Pet
  • Baby
  • Health and Fitness
  • And more!

How to research and plan your ecommerce email strategy using MailCharts data

MailCharts slices up their index of brands and emails in many ways to help you find the information you need quickly.

  • Need inspiration for your next triggered campaign? Find examples from our MailCharts Index, curated using today’s best ecommerce practices for onboarding sequences, cart abandonment, post-purchase series, and more.
  • Discover your broader competitive spectrum. Our wide range of curated brands keep you on top of trends and practices in your industry and the entire world of ecommerce. Track your competitor and peer brands at a glance using industry groups and use our curated lists to discover up-and-coming brands. Get data for more efficient in-depth reporting, including benchmarking and brand comparisons, and make informed decisions.
  • Skip the labor-intensive process of signing up, triggering and organizing emails! Get easy access to high-impact journeys like cart abandonment, post-purchase, or winback messaging. Find out how your competitors organize their most valuable campaigns. Discover popular send times and email cadence to plan your optimum sending schedule.
  • Understand schedule, frequency and content around popular holidays and seasonal events. Use our curated lists and strategy pages for planning and creative inspiration.
  • Stay ahead of your industry’s trends and developments. Use our curated industry groups to view and analyze data and compare performance across multiple companies.

How MailCharts collects data

We have amassed a formidable data warehouse based on millions of emails collected since 2013. Our team collects and classifies emails both by hand and automatically in four ways:

  • Classifying triggered emails categorizing them for faster discovery using our proprietary search engine. Categories include holiday, technology, promotional content, and message type.
  • Constantly monitoring email streams and hand-selecting email examples for dozens of curated email lists that show design and promotional trends at a glance.
  • Triggering and tracking email journeys including opt-ins, purchases, and browse and cart abandonment. We’re adding new journeys and updating existing ones continuously to provide the most up-to-date data
  • Grouping thousands of carefully curated ecommerce brands into industry groups.

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