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16+ SMS Marketing Examples for Ecommerce

SMS marketing (Short Message Service marketing) has been growing steadily over the last few years, driving an increasing percentage of ecommerce sales. As more brands recognize the potential of this channel, it’s no longer enough to simply be present in a customer’s inbox. Your SMS campaigns need to stand out.

To help you with that, we’ve gathered some of the best SMS marketing examples from our MailCharts database to use as inspiration.

SMS Marketing Examples for Ecommerce

Just as with email marketing, you can create text message marketing campaigns for different purposes. Below, you can find text message marketing examples for eight different types of e-commerce SMS campaigns:

  1. opt-in campaigns
  2. welcome campaigns
  3. promotional campaigns
  4. flash sales
  5. abandoned cart campaigns
  6. birthday campaigns
  7. product launch campaigns
  8. rewards program campaigns

Let’s dive in.

1. Opt-in SMS

When someone signs up to receive SMS marketing messages from you, they need to explicitly confirm this by replying to a text message from you. Note that you can only ask them to confirm their opt-in when they’ve already taken the action to sign up. You can’t send an opt-in text to a customer whose phone number you have without them having taken action to join your SMS list first.

Your opt-in message should contain clear instructions for how they can do that. If you plan to send abandoned cart messages (more on those below), your opt-in message should mention this as well.

Lastly, it’s good practice to explain how people can unsubscribe when they want to stop receiving marketing messages via SMS, and if you offered a sign-up incentive such as a discount, your opt-in SMS is a good place to mention that again.

Opt-in SMS from ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet Home 1

ABC Carpet & Home sends a very informative opt-in message. It tells the subscriber how to confirm their subscription, mentions that they might receive cart reminders, and warns them that there might be a cost to receiving these marketing messages.

It also shares how subscribers can get support, how they can opt-out again, and where they can find ABC’s privacy policy. Last but not least, it includes a discount code as well as a link to the store, making it easy for the new subscriber to start shopping right away.

Opt-in SMS from Anthropologie

Anthropologie sub

Some brands prefer to keep their opt-in message short and sweet. Anthropologie simply tells people how to confirm their subscription and mentions that cart reminders are some of the automated messages subscribers can expect to receive. Brands who follow this strategy will often provide more information in their welcome message.

2. Welcome SMS

Welcome text messages from different brands often look very similar as they’ll include required information about the rates that may apply for receiving the messages, message frequency, where to find the brand’s privacy policy, and which keywords to send to the brand’s number to get support or opt-out again.

If a brand offered a sign-up incentive such as a discount code, that will be included in the welcome message as well.

While you still need to make sure to provide the subscriber with all the necessary information, your welcome message can stand out if you add something extra or use your typical brand voice instead of the standard phrasings provided by your SMS platform.

Welcome SMS from Anthropologie

Anthropologie welcome

We saw above that Anthropologie sends a short and focused opt-in text message, which means they need to provide more information in their welcome message. This automated text message example contains all the standard elements such as how to opt-out and where to find the privacy policy.

The one thing that somewhat stands out is the casual “Oh hello!” that fits the Anthropologie brand voice.

Welcome SMS from Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture welcome

Smart Furniture makes it extra clear to the subscriber who this message is from (“Welcome to Smart Furniture!). The brand provides the required welcome information and makes it easy for the new subscriber to start shopping by including a link that’ll automatically apply their discount code.

Lastly, it asks the subscriber to save its contact details so that its text messages show up under “Smart Furniture” instead of a random number. This is a nice little extra.

3. Promotional SMS

If you want to make sure your subscribers know about a promotion you’re running, SMS is the way to go. You can include anything from holiday sales to discounts on specific items in your promotional SMS messages. Just make sure to keep your send frequency in check.

Promotional SMS from Wanderer Bracelets


Wanderer Bracelets lets its SMS subscribers join in its birthday celebrations by offering them a free swag bag if they buy for more than $45. It’s a clear and simple offer that’s easily communicated as a text message.

Promotional SMS from Dressbarn


Who doesn’t want office trousers that fit like yoga pants? This text message by Dressbarn instantly makes the recipient think: “I want that!” and proceeds with a big discount on what turns out to be their best-selling pants. There’s a lot of great stuff in this short message: an enticing product description, a promotion, and some social proof (“best-selling”).

4. Flash sales SMS

Flash sales are a type of promotion but we think they deserve their own mention as SMS marketing campaigns work so well for them. If you’re communicating a one-day-only sale, you want people to see your message straight away, and not the next day (as may happen when you send an email).

Flash sale SMS from Benefit Cosmetics


This flash sale SMS by Benefit Cosmetics is short and sweet. It immediately tells the recipient what it’s about (a 24 h-only event) and then invites them not just to shop, but to “treat” themselves with 50% off all full-size mascaras. One offer, an offer-related discount code, and a link to the store: it’s all that’s needed to create an effective flash sale text message.

Flash sale SMS from Lovesac


Bean bag brand Lovesac sent an equally clear flash sale message with this SMS. The lightning bolts draw the recipient’s attention and separate the different elements of the message: it’s about a flash sale that’s on for one day only and consists of 20% off everything. The “Don’t miss it. Shop now” adds a sense of urgency and the link leads the recipient right to the store.

5. Abandoned cart SMS

When someone leaves an item in their cart, you want to give them a little nudge while they still remember they were interested in that item. Sending an automated text message is a great way of reaching them quickly, but do take into account that many SMS tools make you send your abandoned cart SMS within 48 hours after the shopper has left your online store.

Sometimes, there is also a limit to how many of these types of text messages you can send per cart or within a given period.

Abandoned cart SMS from Anthropologie

Anthropologie CA

Anthropologie uses alliteration to ask the recipient whether they’re still thinking about the items they’ve added to their cart. As an incentive, the brand reminds them they get free shipping and includes the free shipping code again. This SMS marketing example is simple yet effective.

Abandoned cart SMS from Bellami Hair


Bellami Hair creates a sense of urgency by offering the browser 5% off if they complete their purchase within 72 hours. It’s a great way to get shoppers back to their carts and the discount isn’t that big that it will majorly affect the brand’s bottom line.

6. Birthday SMS

Text messaging still feels a bit more personal than emailing and a good way to emphasize that personal feel is by sending your subscribers a birthday SMS. It’ll make them feel special and appreciated, which means they’ll be more likely to engage with you.

Birthday SMS from PartyLite

Partylite bday

You can’t send a birthday SMS if you don’t know when your subscribers’ birthday is so why not send them a fun text to ask for it? PartyLite does this well by explaining why the recipient should share their birthday. Who wouldn’t want to get a surprise on their special day?

On top of that, they demonstrate in which format (MM/DD) they should send their birthday, making it easier for the brand to later process that data.

Birthday SMS from Jennifer Miller Jewelry


Jennifer Miller Jewelry does so many things right in this short message: the brand addresses the birthday lady by her name, includes celebratory emojis, and even throws in a brand-related pun (“a little sparkle”). The birthday gift consists of a 20% discount and to make sure Jessica uses it, Jennifer Miller adds a bit of urgency by limiting the discount to just seven days.

7. Product launch SMS

Have a new product you can’t wait to tell your subscribers about? Launching something you know people have been waiting for? Create an SMS marketing campaign for it!

Text marketing messages work well to communicate product launches as their brevity is ideal for focusing on a single message.

Product launch SMS from QALO

QALO new product

The all-caps *NEW PRODUCT ALERT* leaves no doubt as to what this QALO text is about. The rest of the message stands out because of its full-sentence, well-written copy. A lot of brands stick to super short phrases in their SMS.

Silicone ring brand QALO targets trendsetters by suggesting the recipient better hurries to the store if they want to be the first to rock their new ring.

Product launch SMS from Food52


Food52’s launch SMS puts the two most important parts of the message upfront: it’s about a new product, and you can get it with $120 off. After introducing the Le Creuset Sauteuse, it advertises its multifunctionality. Cooking aficionados won’t need much more to click the link after reading all the things the new Le Creuset can do.

8. Rewards program SMS

Have a loyalty program? You can use text message marketing to get subscribers to sign up as well as to inform members about their status and special members-only promotions and events.

Rewards program SMS from Leesa Sleep


Home brand Lisa Sleep tricks its subscribers: if you love the brand, why wouldn’t you join its rewards program? By offering examples of the kinds of discounts members are enjoining right now, it plays to the recipient’s fear of missing out. A smart move!

Rewards program SMS from Sivana


Sivana makes its rewards program members feel special with this members-only discount. And by offering them extra rewards credit if they shop straight away, the brand adds an extra incentive.
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