Track your competitors’ email program

The best email marketers learn from their competitors. Never lose track of how often brands discount, when they email, and how they segment their email list.

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Real-time competitive emails at your fingertips.

Over 500 brands use MailCharts, including:

Competitive insights for email marketers

The MailCharts database gives you instant access to any brand's promotional calendar—and you can run custom reports showing user journeys.

We even buy from companies in order to show you the full e-commerce flow.

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Strategic planning for agencies

Super-charge your shop with a virtually unending source of emails for your creative briefs and strategic planning.

Gain insights for your team on your next move, prepare RFPs that win and maintain client relationships for the long-term with our unmatched database of emails.

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Sales and retention for technology providers

With over 5,000 of the biggest online retailers, we can tell you who uses what ESPs, sending platforms and more.

Instantly create a hitlist of sales prospects to grow your business and keep tabs on which customers may have a wandering eye—retaining them before it even becomes an issue.

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