Email views

Visualize individual and multiple emails from brands in intuitive ways.

Why you’ll love our email views

  • Get detailed insight into every email we receive
  • Understand a brand’s email program and calendar
  • Quickly get ideas for A/B testing

Individual email view: Review key details about an email quickly

View data and insights for each email you view. Each individual email view highlights detected promotions, subject line lengths, email best practices, and brand details. You also can save emails one by one or via bulk-select to save dozens of emails at once to a personal or team list where everyone on your team can collaborate and leave comments.

Thumbnail view: The fastest way to see what’s going on

Perfect to quickly see emails from multiple brands. This view allows you to understand what your peers are sending in seconds.

Inbox view: See if your emails stand out in a crowded inbox

Get a sense of how your emails look alongside competitors and other brands. Use the inbox view to see if your subjects and preview texts stand out from the crowd.


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