Built for Email Service Providers

Give your sales, marketing, and success teams the intel they need to close more deals and keep your customers happy.

Get the context you need in a few clicks

Manually subscribing to company emails, sorting through a messy inbox, and then individually inspecting headers just to get a sense of who’s using your product (or your competitors) won’t get your team very far.

We parse every single email in the MailCharts Index to determine the sending ESP and any additional email technologies used… so you can go in and find what you need from Day 1.

  • Find email examples or brands based on more than 150 email technologies.
  • View hundreds of thousands of emails and automated campaigns.
  • Compare and benchmark prospects and customers against their peers.


The tool your team needs

Equip your sales team with the context they need to quickly send relevant follow-up emails. Use MailCharts to see a brand’s recent emails, compare said company against its peers, and measure their emails against industry best practices. And if you like to mock things up, you’re going to love our export email as HTML option.

Your success team is covered too — they’ll ace customer meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews. In a few clicks they’ll see every email a brand has sent since their last meeting. Digging further, they can see how often a brand is using your technology to identify upsell and retention opportunities. Inspire your customers’ next campaign by finding share-worthy email examples that rely on your technology.

MailCharts is your inside scoop — delivering insights and intel on who’s using what email technology, and how — so you can sell, market, and support your platform better.


What can my team do with MailCharts?

Hand your sales team more leads and email context to close more deals.

Find new prospects in just minutes: see which companies use ESPs & technologies that are complementary or direct competitors to your product.

Craft your sales pitch based on what what prospects or their competitors are doing with their email programs.

Drive relevant conversations with key leads as a subject matter expert — with access to important context like trends, benchmarks, and industry reports.

Spot an under-optimized email campaign where your product would shine — that’s your opportunity!

Turn your success team into email marketing experts.

Quickly prepare for Quarterly Business Reviews and success calls with the ability to see low-hanging optimization ideas, handy comparisons, and detailed reports.

Build client relationships with plenty of brainstorm material and strategic suggestions, illustrated with easily exportable screenshots and HTML.

Equip your marketing team with ready-made examples

Ideal to create customer stories and to tackle upcoming content marketing initiatives.

  • Find and showcase vibrant examples from customers using your product.
  • Access a rich database of emails and data to create great blog posts and thought leadership content. Search for campaign examples with email-specific filters and determine industry trends with reports and benchmarks.
  • Keep tabs on your customers by staying up-to-date on which ESPs and platforms are powering their campaigns.


Here’s what our happy customers have to say about us:

“MailCharts is an essential part of our team’s daily workflow! Easy to use, great insights & clear display of information, and very organized. It makes our lives much easier and allows us to track companies in an efficient and effective way!”

— Amanda, Business Development Representative

“MailCharts gives me amazing insight in order to put together competitor reports for my customers. Thanks for making me look really good.”

— Natalie, Customer Success Team Lead

“… So many brands are presented, so many examples can be found and—on top of this—there are so much easy-to-use data and information. The ESP & technologies part is just golden not only from a deliverability point of view but also on the marketing strategy side. What’s more, our sales team is enabled to find new prospects. Thanks, MailCharts!”

— Sophie, Senior Email Strategist