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Easily find brands in the MailCharts Index with powerful search filters

Why you’ll love brand search

  • Get inspired by discovering a breadth of brands that matter to you
  • Utilize our advanced options to refine search results
  • Create groups to stay organized and focused on strategy and planning

What is brand search?

Use our search feature to easily find brands that you care about. Search by keywords, brand name, website, and more.

Elevate your search with our advanced options. Use our search filters to refine your results. Our advanced options boost your searches by adding valuable search filters to help you discover companies, including the curated brands from the MailCharts Index.

Easily organize brands that you find into custom groups. MailCharts makes it easy to search and add multiple brands that meet your criteria to a custom group. Organize by:

  • Inspiration
  • Competitors
  • Peers
  • Prospects
  • New opportunities
  • Anything you want!

For Brands

Find Your Inspiration

Discover brands that meet the criteria you choose. MailCharts makes it easy to find and keep track of the ones that inspire you.

Stay On Top of Your Market

With a multitude of options for searching and filtering, MailCharts makes it possible to stay abreast of all the changes in your industry—and the broad competitive spectrum in ways you never thought possible. Keep an eye on your competitors, peers, and up-and-coming brands.

For Agencies

Declutter and Organize

Use MailCharts to sort and organize a vast amount of brands into meaningful collections of companies. Offer your clients access to valuable groups of companies to help them research, market, and strategize.

For ESPs and Sales Teams

Close More Deals

Prospecting and improving the quality of leads has never been so easy! Find new leads with powerful search and refinement. Martech sales and success teams can organize groups of brands by their top prospects and improve the data of heir existing “leads”.

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