Holiday Email Planning

Take the hassle out of planning holiday campaigns—avoid the last-minute scramble by studying email strategies and creative examples from leading e-commerce brands.

Why you’ll love holiday planning with MailCharts

  • See the emails leading e-commerce brands are sending for key holidays
  • Understand sending frequency, schedule, and content around holidays
  • MailCharts’ curated holiday email lists and your custom team lists help your whole team collaborate on holiday strategy and campaign planning and creation

Never miss a promotional opportunity with Upcoming Holidays

Need some last-minute inspiration? We’ve got your back! Upcoming Holidays shows you the next three holidays that are about to happen.

Ace your holiday planning with a fast and efficient search for creative examples

It’s easy to find and download holiday email examples to get inspired—or share with your editorial and creative teams.

Select from a list of holidays using our advanced search options and compare email visuals on a single screen instead of scrolling through your inbox:

Need some inspiration to write a strong subject line? Switch to the “Inbox” view:

Curated email lists: Speed up your holiday campaign planning

Browse MailCharts’ curated holiday email lists and save email examples to custom lists you share with your team so they can add, edit, analyze and comment on any email on the list. Enrich your pre-holiday reporting and strategy brainstorming sessions with email images and data you download directly to your desktop for access anytime.

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