Industries and Groups

We’ve batched alike companies together, and you can too!

Why you’ll love industries and groups

Create a new group of companies you choose

View emails sent by peers in your industry

Find trends in send times and days

What are Industries and Groups?
We’ve put together companies in similar industries, such as Apparel & Fashion, Eyewear, Home, Kids, and Travel.


You can also create a custom group of companies to keep track of competitors and companies you admire for design, copy, or strategy insights.


Deal or no deal
Analyze your industry; see if the companies within the group are promotional, how often, and what types of promotions are run most often.


To thine own self be true
You set yourself apart by the ways you are different than your industry or competitors. Compare yourself to others to make sure your emails stand out.


Uncover gems

Find companies in your industry that you didn’t know existed. Sometimes great brands can fly under your radar!


Ready to get started
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