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Wow your clients with beautiful email visualizations, inspiring campaigns examples and benchmark reports designed to help you get the buy-in you need.

Level up with MailCharts

Show value to your clients right away, even as you start planning their email programs. Use MailCharts to collect and curate company emails and data — then forge ahead by quickly sharing email examples, ideas, and insights.

Sure, there are a ton of collaboration and marketing tools out there, but why are so few dedicated to the complexities of email marketing? To come up with the best campaigns, you fish around your messy inbox for creative inspiration and manage a mishmash of screenshots, pinned examples, and data points that you’ve gathered. It’s painfully manual and unsystematic.

No wonder coming up with standout strategic and creative ideas for a client’s Black Friday promotion or triggered campaign overhaul feels like squeezing that last dried bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

Stop squeezing out stale email ideas and bring more to the table with your clients, all while saving time. We’re already tracking 30,000+ companies so you can go in and find the examples you need from Day 1.

Find the email examples you need to sell your idea.

Two clicks is all it takes to compare a company against its peers.

Understand how a company nurtures and segments subscribers.

And then make client communication and collaboration a snap:

MailCharts is your always-on email marketing assistant that handles the grunt work — delivering email stats, info and competitive reports — so you can focus on creating and showing value for your clients.


What can my team do with MailCharts?

Help position your clients ahead of the pack with competitive email intelligence.

Streamline email audits to show clients their next opportunities and optimization ideas using visual proof provided by MailCharts.

Show how your clients are pacing against their peers with benchmarks around email frequency and volume, discount strategies, and send-time distribution.

Get actionable inspiration for your client’s emails and automated campaigns.

Find holiday-specific email examples, stats and schedules from your favorite brands and client’s competitors.

Study how best-in-class brands market to cohorts like purchasers vs. cart abandoners vs. non-purchasers to strengthen your client’s segmentation and personalization strategy.

Optimize your clients’ campaigns with informed A/B test ideas by seeing brands’ email timing, discount strategy, and much more.

Find eye-catching subject line ideas by seeing how other brands are talking about specific products.

Finally — a system for campaign ideation

Smooth out the collaboration process and speed up decisions when you’re armed with industry benchmarks, email audits, and reports.

  • Increase client buy-in with decks that showcase emails and data on industry behavior to articulate clear strategic direction and prove your point.
  • Share whatever you need quickly to make weekly client calls, creative briefs, and strategic conversations a snap.
    • Download email images or HTML to mock up campaigns or designs.
    • Export email data in CSVs to create your own reports in Excel.
    • Gather industry trends for reports with just a few clicks.

Perry shares how MailCharts gives her team a leg-up:

“MailCharts is the best fast and easy reference I have found for inspiration and strategic planning on individual emails, industry trends, and journey mapping. I use it regularly, and my clients benefit from that.”

— Perry Sheraw, VP Marketing Automation, Elevated

Here’s what Brent has to say about us:

“MailCharts has been a groundbreaking tool for our agency that has cut down hours of research time for our team! Our clients would constantly be asking us to produce a competitive analysis based on email, and we would spend countless hours gathering the research and formatting it to be presentable. With the implementation of MailCharts, we have now cut down the analysis creation process by 70%.

I would highly recommend this tool for any agency or marketing professional that oversees email for their clients.”

– Brent Wagner, Senior Account Manager at DEFINITION 6

And here’s what Jessica thinks about our platform:

“MailCharts has saved me countless hours screenshotting emails and processing the cadence and technical setup of each. As we set up a new email marketing client for our team, MailCharts has given us invaluable time back to find insights instead of just the tedious manual labor.”

– Jessica Best, VP Data-Driven Strategy, Barkley