Email Journeys

Get inspired by top ecommerce brands’ email journeys with MailCharts.

Why you’ll love email journeys

  • Understand the triggers involved based on onsite interaction
  • Understand the number of emails within a typical journey in your industry
  • Analyze wait times between email sends

What’s an email journey?

Email journeys are a series or sequence of emails. Brands typically trigger emails to send based on an action someone takes on their website including purchasing a product, viewing products, or adding products to their cart.

They’re typically automated and drive revenue for brands without much effort after setup. However, the initial build of a journey isn’t a walk in the park as you want to ensure you have the optimal cadence, email touches, and content.

With MailCharts, we track email journey data from the top ecommerce brands to inspire your upcoming email strategy.

Key features

Visualizing workflows

With MailCharts, you can visualize a brand’s journeys multiple ways. You can easily view all journey-specific emails in a thumbnail collection or in a timeline format. The timeline view allows you to see more in-depth details like the triggers or actions taken on-site and how the delay periods between emails.

Various email journey types

We track several journey types within the MailCharts app, including cart abandoner, browse abandoner, purchaser, email subscriber, and churn.

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