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What’s in the MailCharts email database?

MailCharts has been collecting data for several years and has an extensive dataset of email campaigns from thousands of ecommerce brands. The best part: we’ve made it easy to find exactly what you need, whether it’s a triggered sequence, promotional email, or a holiday campaign.

We use our filtering options — the same ones that are available to our users — and carefully curate hundreds of email examples in hands-on marketing categories to help you get started planning upcoming campaigns

We’ve curated hundreds of email examples

Since 2013 we’ve been continuously collecting emails and monitoring best email practices for ecommerce brands. Our curated lists are organized into standard marketing categories and include:

Triggered emails for launching welcome and onboarding drips, targeting cart and browse abandoners, and sending purchase receipts, shipping confirmations and cancellations

Promotional emails for touting discounts and sales, celebrating birthdays, announcing new products and soliciting customer surveys
Creative emails that deploy imaginative animated GIFs and subject line emojis

Our curated lists are updated monthly! To keep you inspired by the latest trends we constantly update lists to showcase noteworthy email marketing examples from leading ecommerce brands.

How do we find great email examples?

MailCharts’ email search and filtering options allow us to easily search through thousands of emails to find the best examples. By applying and combining such filters as keyword, subject line length, and the presence of animated gifs and promotional offers we narrow down the results.

Then, as we look at email thumbnails, we handpick the top emails for each category. Of course, there’s no single standard for picking superior emails — no right way or wrong way to zero in on those we judge a cut above. As seasoned email experts we look for widely recognized industry benchmarks like:

  • Expressive subject line
  • Unique and interesting template
  • Powerful CTA (call to action)
  • Expert personalization
  • Fun — and relevant — animated GIFs and emojis

When we spot elements like these and we’re impressed by an email’s vibrant look and feel, we’re confident they’ll make a great addition to our curated lists.

You can create your own lists too

We’ve curated dozens of lists to help you get started, but you can use our advanced email search options to create lists and save your own favorite email examples.

What can you do with MailCharts email data?

When you tap into our curated email examples from top ecommerce brands, or search our growing database of thousands more, you simplify your most important marketing tasks. That means you’re ready to:

Build creative briefs to launch or revise your collection, birthday, or referral emails

Brainstorm triggered campaigns to successfully onboard subscribers, target cart abandoners, engage post-purchasers and more

Reenergize bread-and-butter campaigns such as gift guides, new product announcements and back-in-stock reminders

Find inspiration for your next A/B test by using our advanced search options to search by subject line length, inclusion of $, % or BOGO promotions, presence of emojis or animated GIFs (or both) and more

Share ideas with your team and report on competitors — because it’s a snap to export your favorite email examples as images or CSV files

Optimize your marketing campaigns by accessing years of emails from leading ecommerce brands

In short, our abundant, easy-access curated and searchable email data can make your marketing more agile, spirited and responsive. Indeed, you’ll find our great data is the beating heart behind everything we do.

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