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Go beyond averages to see how you stack up against top competitors.

Why you’ll love our compare and benchmark features

  • Analyze key email metrics against other brands and groups
  • See how your brand’s performance compares historically
  • Benchmark your brand against the MailCharts Index

See how you stack up

With our brand and group overviews, you’ll get quick access to benchmarks of key data points, like email volume and average promotion rate. With our group overviews, view the top performing brands in each group.

Easily compare brands and dates with our reports. See how brands compare against each other and analyze how brands have historically performed.

Get your test on

Create A/B tests based on other companies’ strategies: adjust your send times, day of week, and promotional cadence.

Have the upper hand

Come prepared to your next planning meeting by understanding exactly how your email marketing tactics, including discounting strategy, compares to key competitors.


Should you be sending more emails? Fewer emails? Get a sense of the sending behavior for other companies in your space.

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