Weekly Roll-up Email

Receive a weekly recap of email activity from brands you care about — all in one easy-to-digest email.

Why you’ll love the weekly roll-up

  • Remove clutter from your inbox with just one weekly digest
  • Identify trends and plan your strategy accordingly
  • Get ideas from the promos your competition is using

What is the Weekly Roll-up?

The Weekly Roll-up allows you to see the big picture of what’s happening in your industry.

Every Monday, we send you a digest that features emails sent by the brands you’re tracking. Start your week by keeping abreast of any promotional trends and email creatives — this can spark that new idea you need in your marketing.

Stay up on what’s going down

Get an at-a-glance visual of the email activity from the brand you care about. The Weekly Roll-up is perfect for gaining an understanding of marketing trends during peak times like the holiday season. Get a feel for what products, discounts, images, and designs are vying for your customers’ attention.

Get a grasp of email marketing trends

The Weekly Roll-up is the ultimate visual summary of the previous weeks’ emails. Quickly identify whether your competitors are ramping up their email volume or getting more promotional.

Get a bird’s eye view while saving time

Having access to this info every week guarantees that you’ll never lose the feel for what’s happening in your space.

Many marketers create (and then have to manage) their own separate email accounts just to track their competitors’ email activity. The Weekly Roll-up not only eliminates the need for this tedious maintenance, it’s also much more visual and easy to digest.

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