Marketers use MailCharts to build and optimize their email programs, to track and report on competitors, and to seek content and design inspiration from top email senders.

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by tracking content and trends for important holidays such as Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas and many more.

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into shareable lists and send them to your marketing team, design team, or executives.

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by browsing historical data and imitating the emails you like.

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Say ciao to busy work. Create your next report in seconds by downloading and exporting emails with a few clicks.

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email frequency and promotional changes across companies.

your own emails against our list of best practices to see what you’re doing right and what needs fixing.

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Compare broadcast and targeted messages to learn a competitor’s segmentation strategy and get ideas for upping your own targeting game.

Access transactional and triggered emails to understand how your competition drives conversions.

Discover your competitors’ A/B split test strategy and view the factors they’re testing.

Experience any brands’ subscriber journey from onboarding to cart abandonment to the purchase experience without having to fill up your own inbox.

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We’re your “always-on” assistant, delivering the stats, info and competitive reports you want for your email strategy and planning. Keep your eye on the companies that matter most to you, save your results to shareable lists or download data for your own analysis.

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