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Understand a company’s sending behavior in a few clicks

Compare your promotional strategy against competitors

Find low-hanging optimizations for your own email program

What are MailCharts Reports?

Reports allow you to understand a company’s sending behavior, analyze a brand’s promotional strategy, and even find low-hanging optimization ideas for your own email program. It’s like having a sidekick preparing detailed analyses for you.

The best part: You can compare any brand against any other.

Notice how Reebok sends most emails at the same time whereas competitors vary send-time across the day. Suggestion: Test an evening send.


What’s your Score?

Every email is analyzed against current email marketing best practices. Is your HTML code too long and getting clipped in Gmail? Are your images too heavy and dragging down your open rates?

See how your email program fares against 8 industry best practices.

Reebok may want to consider optimizing their preview text — right now they’re using a lot of “view this email online” or “Reebok MEN > WOMEN > KIDS”. This is really low hanging fruit for them.


Get the Scoop On Every Promo

How are your competitors enticing subscribers to purchase? Understand any brand’s promotional strategy and how steeply — or not — they are discounting.

Our promotional rate is determined by the number of emails containing a promotion. We detect promotions like dollars-off and percent-off discounts, buy-one get-one and free shipping offers in subject lines. And remember, you can compare yourself against them to see how your program stacks up.


Exporting Data Has Never Been Easier

With a few clicks, you can download email screenshots, a comprehensive CSV to run your own analysis, and even an email’s HTML to mock campaigns or designs on your end.

Use this data to build presentations that will wow your team and to find areas to improve your own email program.


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