Jewelry Email Marketing Trends and Ideas

The global jewelry market remains strong thanks to growth and innovation at all levels of the industry, from increasingly luxurious fine jewelry to reawakened interest in branded pieces sold directly to consumers at affordable prices.

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Diamonds are still a jewelry lover’s best friends, but they aren’t the only drivers of growth and sales. The innovation and evolution in marketplaces, designs and consumer expectations are helping to keep jewelry in the fashion mainstream.

The jewelry industry is evolving along the same pathway as the fashion industry, with the United States dominating the market for gold and diamond purchases, with Asia and, especially, China as a growth area. The market remains strong for jewelry of all metals, whether fitted with precious or semi-precious stones, lab-created stones or metalwork.

The quality divide in jewelry is widening just as it is with fashion. “Fine” jewelry, the top of the market, is growing more luxurious, while “fashion” or “costume” jewelry is reshaping itself through the influence of branded pieces sold directly to consumers online rather than unbranded or white-labeled pieces sold in individual jewelry stores.

One significant factor that could whet the public appetite for fine jewelry is the emergence and acceptance of lab-grown diamonds, which are less costly than their real counterparts and don’t carry the stigma of mined diamonds.

Jewelry Promotion & Email Activity

MailCharts Jewelry Data From 2019

Most promotional week

Nov. 24-30, 2019

The week of Thanksgiving in 2019 was the most promotional for Jewelry brands. During that week, they sent the most emails that included a promotion.

Most active week

Nov. 24-30, 2019

The week of Thanksgiving in 2019 was the most active for Jewelry brands. During that week, they sent the most emails to their customers.

Jewelry Email Examples and Strategies

Jewelry marketers can use email to do more than push promotions. The jewelry email examples outlined below show marketers how to use innovations in technology and data to build brand awareness and help educate consumers who prefer to buy online instead of a traditional store.

Embrace alternative events beyond Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas.

Ruby Red Jewelry To Celebrate The Wizard Of Oz!

Sent by Blue Nile

Inboxes tremble under the weight of incoming email around traditional jewelry-giving events. Here’s another way to hitch your brand to the zeitgeist. Blue Nile piggybacks on a cultural event, the 80th anniversary of The Wizard Oz, to generate interest and sales. Never mind that the email promotes rubies while Dorothy ended up in the Emerald City. The ruby-red slippers make the promotion a logical tie-in.

Use Big, Bold Images

I want it. I got it.

Sent by BaubleBar

Don’t make your customers squint at tiny images on a small screen. Do what BaubleBar does: Go big, go bold. This hero image is full of colorful rings and a simple message: “Start Stacking.” Emails optimized for mobile viewing can let even one close-up fill a smartphone screen. The call to action is a real grabber, too. Better than “click here” or “buy now.”

Recognize The Diverse Audiences Within Your Customer Base

Celebrating: Month of Pride and Love 🌈

Sent by Angara

In many countries, same-sex marriage is legal. But you’d never know it from the images in most of the emails we reviewed in the MailCharts database. Study your customer demographics and see whether the ages, genders, cultures and sexual identifications match up in your emails. This Angara email, sent during Pride month, promotes a message of quality and acceptance with nary a Pride rainbow in sight, but the elegant simplicity speaks volumes.

Partner With Another Brand Or Event

O.M.🌲!!! Save the Amazon Rainforest!

Sent by Niche jewelry brand email idea

Niche jewelry brands have linked up with causes close to the brand’s mission. The move meshes with Millennial and Gen Z preferences for brands that align with their personal values and can help you differentiate your brand from your competitors. Pura Vida jumped on the 2019 fires in the Amazon rainforest to create this fundraiser for the Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Action Fund. This ties in with the brand’s other cause-related promotions.