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Our MailCharts Index includes 2,500+ hand-picked brands representing a wide spectrum of industry groups.

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  • Every brand in the MailCharts Index has been vetted and curated by our data team.

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Brands in the MailCharts Index

Browse and view insights for over 2,500 brands in the MailCharts Index

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Thousands of brands at your fingertips

2,500+ Brands organized into over 80 Industry Groups

The MailCharts Index is a curated collection of brands organized into sought-after industry groups.  We created the MailCharts Index to help ecommerce email marketers quickly research and plan email campaigns from strategy to execution.

MailCharts collects emails from 2,500+ of the most popular ecommerce brands — from household names to the newest direct-to-consumer businesses and start-ups.

You’ll find the brands that matter the most: your competitors and peers, brands you love and brands whose email programs are so good you’ll want to get under the hood to see how they work.

Historical email data since 2013

Since 2013 we’ve been building a comprehensive database of email messages, but we’re not just an email warehouse.

We use our extensive email collection to generate deep understanding of marketing calendars, email journeys and promotional cadences of our curated brands. As a MailCharts user, you can take advantage of our research to help you gather detailed industry insights and zoom out into the broader ecommerce world.

How we curate our brands

MailCharts focuses on growing and refining the MailCharts Index. It’s designed to be a valuable resource for ecommerce email marketers and others looking for data, insights, and trends in all phases of email marketing.  

We’re constantly finding brands through research, discovery, and customer suggestions. We look for brands that are popular, trending, high-growth, or established – or a combination of these criteria. 

We work hard to identify the right brands for our collection:

  • Discovery: We scout the ecommerce world looking for the latest and greatest, adding brands that we’ve seen in retail, ecommerce, marketing and email industry news or that we’ve discovered in our own ecommerce travels. If it’s an ecommerce brand that’s doing something interesting, outstanding or innovative with email marketing, we’ll add it to the dataset and begin compiling data.
  • Suggestions: We listen to our customers and have created a list of the most requested and tracked brands over the past 6 years. These include popular, established, market-leading brands along with DTC, subscription commerce, specialty and gender-specific brands.
  • Talked about: Brands ranked as top performers on recognized ecommerce industry lists:
    • Internet Retailer Top 1000
    • Interactive Advertising Bureau 250
    • 2PM
    • SailThru 250

Why doesn’t MailCharts track every brand?

MailCharts doesn’t track every brand, and that is part of our strategy. What we do have is thousands of curated brands that allow ecommerce email marketers to dominate their campaigns using competitive data and intelligence.

When you see a brand in the MailCharts Index, you know it meets these criteria:

  • Hand-selected for inclusion  
  • Focused on retail/ecommerce (B2C and DTC) 
  • Has a robust and active email marketing program
  • Is classified into one of over 80 industry groups covering categories such as Apparel, Footwear, and Travel & Tourism

You won’t find every brand in the MailCharts Index. But you’ll find the top brands and data you can use right away for your most effective campaign planning and execution. And if you don’t find the exact brands you’re looking for in the Index, you can look to similar brands for data, insights and email creative for competitive research.

We continually investigate and evaluate brands for inclusion in the MailCharts Index. If you have a retail or ecommerce brand  you’d like us to consider, feel free to contact us with the information.

Our data is built for ecommerce marketers

The Mailcharts Index offers exactly what ecommerce email marketers need to develop their competitive strategies and plan and execute their email programs.

The 2,500+ brands in the MailCharts Index represent a wide spectrum of email programs, all important to email marketers. Each hand-selected brand has a strong email program, including promotional and triggered messages. Together, the Index represents the most up-to-date collection of premium email designs to inspire your creativity, and provides searchable data, insights, and analysis to help you research and plan campaigns quickly and efficiently.

How MailCharts helps you

MailCharts has one goal – to provide actionable data and information that help ecommerce email marketers do their jobs better.

Using our data, marketers can gain insight to plan their marketing programs, get inspiration from hundreds of different brands without having to maintain a separate email account or compile competitive industry reports.

Here are some of the ways you can use MailCharts every day:

  • Discover the broader competitive spectrum. This allows you to see what your customers are seeing. You’ll find curated industry groups that show you the broad picture of your industry and the entire world of ecommerce. Look at your competitors and peer brands, and get out in front of brands. Perform in-depth reporting, including benchmarking and brand comparisons, and make informed decisions.
  • Gain easy access to actionable information. Gathering and organizing data is hard and time-consuming. We know because we’ve been doing it for years. MailCharts does data gathering and visualization so you can compare and improve your valuable user journeys. We also share details about welcome series, cart abandonment programs, and gender-specific promotions.
  • Use the past to predict the future. Year-over-year campaign data helps you see the past so you can predict the future and plan for weeks, months, and quarters ahead.

Other ways to explore our data:

  • Industry Groups: We curated groups of brands to help you gain insight into information and trends in popular industries like Apparel, Beauty, Gifts, Home, Sports & Activities, Travel & Tourism and Food & Drink.
  • Email examples: MailCharts gives you the power to curate your own lists of favored brands and email examples. But you can also check our custom email lists with hundreds of email examples to choose from. This quick-start tool will get you planning your triggered campaigns and upcoming promotions right away.
  • Holidays: See our strategy pages for all major holidays with curated email lists and campaign examples for inspiration.
  • Journeys: Journeys are our proudest accomplishment. Our team has been triggering, collecting, and classifying emails for years and we have thousands of examples of journeys like these:
    • Welcome and onboarding programs
    • Abandoned-cart and abandoned-browse emails
    • Purchase and shipping confirmations
    • Re-engagement campaigns

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