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BULLETPROOF Inc email marketing trends & campaign insights

Data from the last 90 days.

How many emails has BULLETPROOF Inc sent over the past 90 days?
BULLETPROOF Inc send volume
5.39 emails / week
How does BULLETPROOF Inc send volume compare?
  • 5% vs last year
  • 3% vs MailCharts

How often does BULLETPROOF Inc send discounts and promotions?

of the emails BULLETPROOF Inc sends includes a discount or promotion.

What is the day BULLETPROOF Inc sends the most emails?

is the most popular day BULLETPROOF Inc sends emails.

How long are the subject lines in BULLETPROOF Inc email campaigns?

43 characters
is the average subject line length of BULLETPROOF Inc emails.

BULLETPROOF Inc email campaigns and trends

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BULLETPROOF Inc ecommerce lifecycle campaigns and user journeys

  • Welcome series

    Start date: 02 Mar 2019
  • Cart abandonment

    Start date: 06 Mar 2019
  • Purchaser

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