Email University: Become a Better Marketer

A FREE email course to help you become a better marketer. Learn email marketing best practices and understand everything from traffic generation to email optimization.

Suitable for
Beginners & Seasoned Experts

An email course designed to help marketers and startup founders improve their email marketing strategy. No growth-hacks, no tricks, just beautiful marketing your customers will love.

This one-month, FREE course consists of 4 lessons — delivered weekly — where you’ll learn the following:

• Think like an email marketer: How to attract visitors & leads
• Email types: What emails should I be sending and when
• Metrics: What to track and how to optimize your emails
• Delivering the perfect email experience: From subject line to landing page and checkout flow

Lessons will be in part writing, in part video. Some topics are better explained through different mediums — let’s use those to our advantage.