Industries and Groups

Discover brands, emails, trends, and insights for brands in industry groups like yours.

Why you’ll love your groups

Analyze trends and benchmarks across multiple companies

Track competition, peers, and any other subset of brands

Access “industry” data for over 50 groups we’ve curated

What are custom groups and industry groups?
Grouping brands together in MailCharts provides a straightforward way to access deeper levels of insight. View key data points across a collection of brands and easily compare and benchmark yourself and multiple companies.

  • Analyze group trends in send times to find areas of opportunity
  • Track promotional activity across brands for an understanding of how and when companies promote
  • Benchmark your email campaign volume against your competitors to help you plan and strategize


Unlock the power of our data by creating your very own custom groups with any of the 30,000 brands in our platform—and easily find the right match using brand search! Below are some examples of custom groups you could create:


Looking for a start point? Dive into data and insights from over 60 industry groups that we’ve curated to highlight industries that matter to you. Below are just a few of the industry groups that we’ve curated:


Multiply and Magnify
Your custom groups can be populated any way you’d like. Group trends, benchmarks, and insights are easily accessible to help your with strategy and planning. Easily create new groups and quickly add companies from your search results.


Deal or No Deal
Track year-over-year campaigns and promotions for custom and curated groups to get a glimpse into what you might expect for the current year’s calendar.


Save Time with Curated Groups
Quickly view data and insights for logical collections of companies. We’ve hand-picked brands for the groups we’ve curated to save you time and help you make informed decisions.


Explore, Discover, Reveal
Gain knowledge on the breadth and depth of your competition and peers, while discovering up-and-coming brands.


Create and share custom team groups

Check out the MailCharts industry groups we set up and monitor as your starting point. Then define your own group criteria and create your personal or team group. Use brand search to find the e-commerce brands you want to include. Click the “+” symbol to add any brand – as many as you want – to your group. Add teammates to your team groups so they can add and edit brands in the group.


Ready To Get Started?
Join MailCharts today to create your own groups and view current and past email data. MailCharts tracks and offers reporting on over 30,000 brands. Start planning your strategy today!