International Women’s Day is around the corner and we felt it was only fitting to share some of the trends and examples we’ve seen in International Women’s Day emails over the past two years! While mention of gender equality typically increases during Women’s History month, we’re starting to see brands lean into their values as it pertains to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

In a recent study done of millennials, 83% of respondents said they think it’s important a company’s values align with their own. We think that because of this trend, we’ll continue to see email examples like the ones highlighted below in future Women’s Day emails as well as throughout the year. 

International Women’s Day Insights

There was a 14%+ increase in “International Women’s Day” mentions YoY across core industry groups. Last year, International Women’s Day fell around the same time the pandemic hit so it’ll be interesting to see how many mentions there are this year across brands. 

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Outside of International Women’s Day mentions, we also saw an increase in other values marketing terms YoY. The biggest changes were those pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement and increased mention of sustainability, making a difference, and giving back during an uncertain time.

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2020 Email Examples We Love

Not sure how to incorporate International Women’s Day into your emails? Here are some fun examples from last year! As brands shift focus towards values, we hope to see more of this great content throughout 2021.

Under Armour

Why we love it: Not only does Under Armour mention International Women’s Day, but they also released a female-focused collection specifically for the holiday. This purple-colored collection featured diverse, strong female athletes with proceeds benefiting the next generation of athletes.

Under Armour - Just Dropped: UA International Women’s Day Collection


Nicole Miller

Why we love it: Now, more than ever, customers are wanting to shop from brands that have similar values. That’s why we love this email from Nicole Miller that clearly outlines their dedication to having women in leadership roles and their dedication to building up a strong, female business community.

Nicole Miller - Today's Your Day


Eddie Bauer

Why we love it: Instead of being completely product-focused, Eddie Bauer uses their International Women’s Day email to highlight an amazing woman, Carla Perez, who’s known for setting big-mountain climbing records. They sprinkle in some of her favorite products with her story as well as relevant user-generated content.

Eddie Bauer - We’re Celebrating Women’s Achievements!


Pottery Barn

Why we love it: In addition to featuring limited edition prints from female artists, Pottery Barn also highlights their partnership with HERProject which strives to empower lower-income women across the globe. This email had us adding everything to our carts.

Pottery Barn - Happy International Women's Day

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