Built for teams

It’s time to get professional about how you plan your email program and level up from labels in your inbox.

We built MailCharts for you and your team

MailCharts does all the legwork to collect and curate company emails on your behalf — and provides all the tools to search for, save, and share examples, ideas, and competitive insights.

Email marketing teams deal with a peculiar problem: you don’t get many dedicated tools for doing your job outside of an ESP.

You have to fish around your messy inbox to find creative inspiration, sort through the clutter of competitor emails you personally subscribed to, and manage a jumble of screenshots, pinned examples, and data points that you’ve manually gathered.

No wonder you hardly have time to think strategically about that Black Friday promotion or get more creative with your abandoned cart email.

Getting email inspiration shouldn’t be a drag. We’re already tracking 30,000+ companies so you can go in and find the examples you need from Day 1.

See competitors’ emails and automated campaigns.

Keep track of specific industries to stay ahead of the pack.

Search with email-specific filters, like subject line content.

MailCharts runs on the understanding that email is more than a one-person job.

  • Share email creatives and copy with your designers and copywriters.
  • Create polished presentations and email benchmark reports for the higher-ups with easily exportable images and data.
  • We’ll add companies and user journeys you can’t find, on request — and even buy from companies or abandon their carts for you.

MailCharts is your always-on email marketing assistant that handles the grunt work — delivering stats, info and competitive reports — so you can focus on creative, savvy email strategy and execution.


What can my team do with MailCharts?

A system for sharing, presenting, and collaborating on email ideas

Share whatever you need, quickly: download email images or HTML to mock up campaigns or designs — and export email data in CSVs to create your own reports in Excel.

Add context to presentations, stakeholder meetings, and creative briefs with MailCharts data and images to prove your point.

Team accounts with individual logins help everyone get on the same page while working on all the moving parts.

Marketing Manager: Quickly get the inside scoop on how your peers are approaching marketing and promotions.

Email marketer: The tools you need to strategize your next email campaign and create monthly competitive reports.


Designer: Stay up to date on email design trends without having to manually collect examples. Get design inspiration for your next animated GIF or promotional banner.

Copywriter: See how other companies promote specific products to ensure your message stands out.

Round up actionable email ideas in minutes

Find holiday-specific email examples, stats and schedules from your favorite brands and top competitors.

Anchor your next promotion by seeing what discounts your peers are offering. You can even search by different offer types, such as dollars off, common percentages off, and free shipping.

Optimize your campaigns with informed A/B test ideas by seeing a brand’s email timing, their discount strategy, and much more.

Find eye-catching subject line ideas by seeing how other brands are talking about specific products.

Give your brand the edge with competitive email intelligence

Study how best-in-class brands market to cohorts like purchasers vs. cart abandoners vs. non-purchasers to strengthen your segmentation and personalization strategy.

Compare brands side-by-side to establish benchmarks around email frequency, discount strategies, and send-time distribution. See how you’re pacing against peers and adjust your email strategy.

Dig into the details of what the competition is doing with their promotions and triggered email journeys — you’ll have all the info you need to plan your next campaign or email test with confidence.

Here’s what Desiree has to say about us:

“I’ve been waiting my whole career for a tool like MailCharts! I don’t have to sign up for a ton of different emails and then wait for them to come to a spare Gmail inbox. I am more organized with MailCharts and I use the historical data and customized reports to help me create the best strategy possible for my organization.”

– Desiree Stephens, Sr. Email Marketing Manager, Le Tote

And hear what Corinne thinks about our platform:

“MailCharts is the one tool I’d recommend to be in every marketer’s toolkit. Where else can you find everything you need to know about brands’ marketing strategy, and then get inspired by easily searching millions of emails?”

– Corinne Watson, Partner Content Marketing Manager, BigCommerce