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  • Easily analyze pre-organized email automation data from your competitors.

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  • Gain insights to improve your email strategy and make your triggered sequences stand out.

  • Browse automations for both ecommerce and subscription brands.

What is an email automation?

An email automation is a sequence of emails that are automatically sent to a customer based on that customer’s actions. Some typical email sequence examples are the emails sent after someone has created an account, or when they’ve abandoned their cart.

Ecommerce brands often spend a lot of time perfecting their email automations for engagement and conversion and so they’re great sources of inspiration if you want to improve your own campaigns.

Tracking these automated email sequences, however, requires a lot of hassle.

Not only would you need to sign up for a multitude of email lists, but you’d also have to spend your time stringing together related emails to get a complete view of every sequence you receive.

Let’s be honest: you have better things to do.

That’s why MailCharts tracks and organizes email automations for you. When you sign up for an account, you can browse examples from different types of automations we curated for you.

Behind the scenes: What we collect so you don’t have to

We’ve been collecting data around email automations and one-off newsletters since 2013. In the email marketing world, that’s a long time! It also means you get thousands of examples to learn from and be inspired by.

What we do behind the scenes to save you time:

  • sign up for newsletters
  • create accounts
  • confirm email addresses
  • abandon carts
  • browse product pages after we’ve signed up
  • abandon subscription signups
  • purchase products
  • cancel our subscriptions
  • join rewards and loyalty programs

And we do all of this so we can collect the email sequences ecommerce brands send out based on these actions.

Imagine having to do all of this and keep track of all the emails you receive?

You’d barely get any work done.

An ever-growing collection of email data

If you’d start tracking email automations yourself, you’d also have to limit your subscriptions at some point to prevent your inbox from overflowing.

We, however, never stop gathering new data.

We continuously create new accounts and trigger new campaigns to make sure you have access to the latest email marketing strategies implemented across various industries. New email automations are available for popular, established brands and also for new ecommerce and subscription-based companies.

How to Track and Monitor Competitors Email Automations

Monitoring what types of email automations your competitors are sending out is easy with MailCharts.

When you sign up for one of Mailchart’s plans, you can choose to look up email sequences by brand or by type. 

When you’ve found a brand you want to monitor, click it to view that brand’s sending behavior, subject lines, promotions, and email automations.

If it’s a specific type of email automation you’re interested in, go to the “journey” tab in our database and filter based on sequence type.

We’ve even created brand groups per industry so you can track competitors or brands with the same target audience. 

What does this mean for you?

No manually signing up to hundreds of email lists.

No browsing around websites trying to trigger various email automations.

No wasting time trying to organize the different email types that land in your inbox.

We trigger and track emails to present you with actionable information you can easily use to improve your own email strategy and make your triggered sequences stand out.

Our automation data helps you:

  • Reveal the messaging used throughout the buyer’s automation of industry competitors and peers.
  • Understand best practices such as send times and email cadence for automated campaigns
  • Improve your own messaging based on industry insights

Create your MailCharts account today and unlock automations from the top ecommerce brands along with the competitive data you need to come away with hands-on analyses and insights.

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