MailCharts has the data you need to tell your ecommerce email story

As someone at the forefront of ecommerce marketing, you need firsthand data to help you break news or back up your authority as a thought and opinion leader. The problem is getting your hands on reliable, up-to-date and unbiased information.

MailCharts has been gathering email data since 2013. With it we have built an impressive database of live email campaigns and journeys from thousands of ecommerce brands. We’re constantly analyzing the data we collect and looking out for trends in email content, strategy and sending patterns.

That gives us unique insights into the world of ecommerce email marketing that you just can’t get from your own inboxes. And we’d love to share it with you! Because we have great data and information, and we love to help email marketers do their jobs better.


How to reach out and get the data

Contact us at and let us know how we can help.


Why is this data valuable?

You can use it right away to advance your own content work, whether you publish your own blog, email newsletter or podcast, write content for a technology vendor, or report on ecommerce and email marketing for a trade publisher or general media outlet.

Here are some ways you can put Mailcharts’ data to work in your own content:

    • Enrich your content with email examples curated specifically for your needs and topics.
    • Get data and analysis about sending behavior (volume, frequency and cadence) and promotional timelines and practices of brands you’re writing about.
    • Support talking points with background information on promotional trends and strategies for different industries.
    • Complete case studies with examples of email sequences from ecommerce brands you’re interested in.
    • Add year-over-year promotional trend comparisons to your holiday covers.


MailCharts in the news

This is just a sample of where you’ll find publishers and thought leaders using MailCharts to add authority and credibility to their reports:

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On the MailCharts blog

See how we use our data in our own posts on the MailCharts blog. We cover email strategy, trends, brand/campaign/journey analysis, best practices and other trending topics that affect ecommerce email marketers.


Need a podcast or webinar partner?

We are ready for our close-ups, and we’ll bring the data and email examples you need to give your audience actionable takeaways.

View a webinar we did with our friends at Zembula: Optimizing the Post-Purchase Experience.

We host our own webinars, too, like this one where we checked in with marketers to see how their email programs were faring in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic: Hey, Email Marketers, How’s It Going?


How to reach out and get the data

Contact us at and let us know how we can help you tell your story.


Editorial photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash