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  • Andie Swim
    Andie Swim: THEY'RE BACK! Our best-selling styles are back in stock. Get your fave before it's gone!Claim Your Fave: .

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19 Great Examples of Back-in-Stock SMS to Boost Your Revenue

Out-of-stock items mean lost revenue and frustrated customers. Luckily, you can fix both by notifying customers as soon as an item becomes available again. One way to do that is with back-in-stock SMS marketing.

What is a Back-in-Stock SMS?

Back-in-stock SMS notifications alert shoppers that a sold-out item they’ve shown interest in is back in stock and available for purchase. These types of SMS messages are also known as restock alerts or restock notifications.

Note that you can only send back-in-stock SMS notifications when your customers have willingly given you their phone numbers and have given you explicit permission to send them marketing messages. Not following the rules can get you into trouble with regulating bodies and will make your unsubscribe rates soar.

Back-in-Stock SMS Examples

Most of your customers have their phones on them all day long, so sending them text messages is a great way to instantly alert them that an item is back in store. But how do you do this in an engaging way when you only have about 160 characters?

We’ve gathered some great examples for you below.

Create a sense of urgency

Make it clear in your text message that restocked items might sell out again. That’s what Andie Swim hints at in this example text message by suggesting the customer gets their favorite items before they’re gone again.

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Andie Swim
Andie Swim: THEY'RE BACK! Our best-selling styles are back in stock. Get your fave before it's gone!Claim Your Fave: .

Chubbies is more direct in this restock alert as it lets its SMS subscribers know it only has “limited stock” of its FreeFlow Shorts.

Creating a sense of urgency is not a novel marketing technique, but it works well and is a particularly good fit for popular items that have been restocked.

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Chubbies: We've got LIMITED STOCK of our FreeFlow Shorts live on the site right now. Get in there.

Play to the FOMO

Another great way to encourage customers to buy a restocked item is by highlighting its popularity. That’s what Dormify does here. If more than 4,000 people think something is waiting for, would you want to miss out on it?

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Dormify: with a 4k person waitlist, it's the restock we've all been waiting for. see what the hype's all about & shop now.

Food52 follows the same approach with this restock alert. Note that you don’t even need a true waitlist to apply this technique. You can simply count the number of potential buyers that have an item in their cart or on their wishlist.

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Food52: Back after a 1,100-person waitlist: the fruit bowl with a cork lid - see ya fruit flies, hello extra storage on top!

Announce the restock

Create some hype by announcing the restock before it’s there. Fenty sent two text messages to urge customers to set their alarms for its Eau de Parfum restock. The brand also adds a sense of urgency by mentioning that the product will only be available in limited quantities, and provides relevant information by including how much it’ll cost.

It’s a good idea to include the price of the restocked item in your text messages. If the price is low, it can act as an extra incentive for people to make the purchase. If it’s high, you give your subscribers the opportunity to let it sink in and avoid giving them sticker shock the moment they want to buy, which can lead to them abandoning their carts.

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FENTY BEAUTY + FENTY SKIN: Fenty Eau De Parfum is coming back! ⏰ Set your alarms for Monday 12/6 at 9AM PST. It's your chance to own the sold-out scent before it's gone again. Limited quantities!

Add an incentive

Offering an incentive is a good way to generate more sales from your restock. In this SMS example, Beyond Yoga combines a back-in-stock announcement with a 20 percent discount. The brand also mentions its free shipping and returns to make it even more appealing for customers to hop over to its store.

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Beyond Yoga
Beyond Yoga: Get moving with 20% OFF ending at Midnight! Biker shorts & leggings in 10+ colors are back in stock. Use code MOBILE20Try them now: Always FREE Shipping & FREE Returns.

Sivana uses the same tactic and makes its customers happy with 30 percent off their entire cart. Offering a discount on everything in your store is a brilliant way to increase your sales value per customer.

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Sivana: Our Control Fit Tie-Dye Leggings are back! Shop today and save 30% off your entire cart with code 'FF30'

Make it exclusive

Everyone likes to feel special. So, Hint Water makes the restock of its Peach Raspberry flavor exclusive to its online store. Its restock alert also mentions 15 percent off bundles and free shipping to entice customers to shop for more than just the restocked product.

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Hint Water
Hint Water ONLINE EXCLUSIVEThe Peach Raspberry sensation is FINALLY back. Get 15% off bundles + FREE shipping now.Shop the sale and stay hydrated: Text STOP to opt-out

While we generally don’t recommend you send text messages that span multiple SMS, we’ve got to give Olipop credit for the effort it put into this restock SMS. The message explains how (thanks to the feedback from customers) the Blackberry Vanilla pop is back and offers SMS subscribers the chance to buy it before anyone else can.

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OLIPOP: Hey friends! It's Ben, Co-Founder and Formulator here at OLIPOP, dropping in with some berry exciting news…😉We mean it when we say we read every comment, every text, and every email that comes in. After receiving a ton of requests to bring back Blackberry Vanilla pop, we coined the term #backberry and got working on just that. I'm happy to share that we're bringing back this fan fave for another (very) limited run! 💜🍨Combining the deep, rich taste of blackberry juice with sweet, sumptuous notes of vanilla, this flavor takes me back to the good old days: foraging for the perfect blackberries to preserve for cooler days ahead and, when the time was right, whipping up the best berry cobbler I've ever tasted. 🥧🥧So grateful for this community and for all the Blackberry Vanilla love so far. Can’t wait for you to give it a try, and let us know what you think! 🙌 On that note, here's your super-top-secret link to shop this limited drop before anyone else! 🤫

Keep it simple

Sometimes, getting the message across is all you need to do. Frank & Eileen keep it simple with this SMS that announces a product is back in store and includes a link to the specific product page. It’s always a good idea to link directly to the related product pages when you’re promoting a specific product in your SMS.

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Frank & Eileen
Frank & Eileen: Our best-selling Mary in Famous Denim is back in stock! Shop now. .

Add some humor

Chubbies is known for its playful copy, and the brand stays true to its voice even in its restock notifications. The message here is super concise: “Everywear shorts are back.” The rest of the SMS is written like a text you’d send to someone you know.

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Chubbies: EVERYWEAR SHORTS ARE BACK. Yes that's all I have to say. Now go text your friend back, they need an update on your plans.

Remind them of why the product's great

Just because someone showed interest in a product in the past, doesn’t mean they’ll remember that the moment the product is back in store. Parks Project knows this, and so, it uses this SMS to remind customers of all of the wonderful features of its scented candles.

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Parks Project
Parks Project: Your favorite national park scented candles are back. The inside scoop:• Fragrances native to national parks• 80 hours of burn time• 100% natural soy and coconut blend• Cotton paper core (phthalate free) Shop now: {StopToOpt}

Include a clear CTA

If there’s one thing your restock alerts should include, it’s a clear call to action. M. Gemi urges its customers to “get it now” while Coach, in the example below, tells them to “tap to shop.”

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M.GEMI: Restocked! Our InStyle-approved, no-clomp clog that originally sold out in less than 48 hours - Get it now:
Coach: BAPE x Coach Is Back For A Second Act (But It Won't Last Long). Tap to shop:

Allow customers to reserve the restocked item

If you know an item is about to be restocked, allow customers to pre-order it. This ensures you of the sale and the customer of the product.

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The Inside
The Inside: Our Throw Pillows are BACK! 🎉 Pre-order yours now and be the first in line before we start production.

Present restocked items as gift ideas

Gift-finding is hard. If there’s a holiday coming up, you can help a customer out by suggesting they buy someone one of your restocked items, like Coach does in this SMS.

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Coach: It's go time: order your gifts by 12/19 for delivery by 12/24. Need an idea? The bestselling Shay Crossbody is *back* in stock. 💥 Tap to shop:

Warn customers something's about to sell out

Keep an eye on your stock so you can alert customers when something’s about to sell out and create a sense of urgency that way. Great Jones does this well.

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Great Jones
Great Jones: Heads up - bakeware is moving fast! Little Sheet in Broccoli and our Blueberry Breadwinner are already out of stock. If you have your eyes on specific colors and designs, we recommend you shop our sale early!
M.GEMI: Your favorite clog (the one that's silent when you walk) is back in new fall-ready hues. Shop this must-have here:

Back-in-Stock SMS: Strategic Tips

Use the above restock alerts as inspiration for your own SMS marketing campaigns and combine them with the following strategic tips to get people back to your store and recover otherwise potentially lost sales.

Allow shoppers to reserve back-in-stock items by replying to your message

Your customers might be on-the-go, at work, or doing something else when they read your message that makes it hard for them to shop straight away. Save them the frustration of potentially missing out again and allow them to reserve the item that’s back in stock by replying to your message.

Suggest alternatives

If it looks like you won’t be able to restock an item in the foreseeable future, offer shoppers a similar product. You can throw in a discount as an incentive for them to stop waiting for that one item to come back.

If you can, use past purchase data to personalize your suggestions rather than send a general “Here’s an alternative” message to everyone who had the out-of-stock item in their cart.

This tactic can work especially well when people are waiting to buy a present for an upcoming holiday and they’re running out of time. While it isn’t the same as sending a back-in-stock message, it does help you recuperate an otherwise potentially lost sale, and it helps the shopper check another item off their wishlist.

Combine SMS and email

Run your back-in-stock campaigns via email and SMS to not miss anyone who might be subscribed to just one of those two channels. Sending both back-in-stock SMS and back-in-stock email campaigns is also a great way to remind subscribers their desired product is back in stock and to try out different types of messages.

Test different send times

Some people might be busy with their families before and after work, whilst others might not want to be disturbed during working hours. A/B test the send times for your back-in-stock notifications to figure out what works best with your audience. You might need to split your subscribers into different segments to make sure everyone gets your text messages at the time they’re most likely to engage with them.

Help People Buy What’s Popular

Back-in-stock SMS offer a quick and direct way of letting your customers know that a sold-out item is available again. They can help you recover lost revenue from products people put on their wishlists, but only if your message is appealing.

Use the examples of restock alerts in this post as inspiration for your own campaigns and create a free MailCharts account to discover what type of restock messages other ecommerce brands are sending.