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  • UrbanStems
    UrbanStems: We'd love to celebrate the big day with you! Let us know when your birthday is and we'll send you a gift. [link/75645911-005e-]

    12:00 AM, Fri 7 July 2021

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Creating an Effective SMS Birthday Marketing Campaign

Some people love them, others prefer to ignore them, but regardless, birthdays hold a lot of excitement. Who will remember? Will you receive presents?

This sense of excitement has only grown with the widespread use of mobile phones, as we know that anyone who wants to is able to send us a birthday message

That goes for the brands we buy from as well, which means that sending birthday SMS to your customers is a great way to show you care. More so, birthday messages allow you to stay top of mind even when you don’t have a sale or other special event going on, and to drive engagement as a result.

So how do you put together an effective SMS birthday marketing strategy? What does a great birthday text look like? Read on to find out.

What is a Birthday SMS?

A birthday SMS is a message you send your customers to wish them a happy birthday. Birthday text messages tend to be automated and often offer a discount, free shipping, or a gift as a birthday present.

Some ecommerce brands also use their own birthday to boost sales, by letting SMS subscribers know they’re running a special birthday sale.

9 Birthday Text Message Examples

Ask them their birthday

You can’t send someone a birthday text if you don’t know when their birthday is, so Urban Stems dedicates a text message to asking subscribers for their date of birth. As they know not everyone is willing to give up this information just like that, they also include an incentive: the promise of a birthday gift.

Sending a text specifically to ask your subscriber’s birthday is a great idea, as it ensures that the question doesn’t get lost behind a potentially more enticing sales announcement.

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UrbanStems: We'd love to celebrate the big day with you! Let us know when your birthday is and we'll send you a gift. [link/75645911-005e-]

12:00 AM, Fri 7 July 2021

Get festive with emojis

Birthdays call for celebration, so it’s totally fine to add some emojis to your birthday SMS. Jennifer Miller Jewelry does a great job with three festive emojis. Not only are they relevant to the message, they also help split up the sentences, making the text a bit easier to read.

Other things the brand does well is clearly communicating how long the birthday discount is valid, and personalizing its message by adding the subscriber’s name.

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Jennifer Miller Jewelry
Jennifer Miller Jewelry: Happy Birthday jessica! 🎉 Sending a little sparkle your way ✨ Enjoy 10% OFF your next order. Just use code: HBDMC7HL2X8 within 7 days! 🎁 [link/564bcfb1-e64c-429] xo Jen Text STOP to opt-out

12:00 AM, Sat 4 April 2022

Celebrate your own birthday

Why would you only celebrate your subscribers’ birthdays? Your company’s birthday is just as good a reason to do something special. Blume lets its SMS list know it’s celebrating with a BOGO sale, but you could also offer free shipping, a gift with every purchase that reaches a minimum value, or a certain percentage off to celebrate.

The birthday discounts retail and ecommerce stores offer are often a great way to boost sales.

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Meet Blume
Blume: ICYMI - it's our Birthday! 🥳 We're celebrating with BUY 2 GET 1 FREE on *everything* sitewide! Shop our biggest sale of the year: [link/d633b88a-2402-47f]

12:00 AM, Fri 6 June 2021

Be concise

There is no doubt what At Home’s birthday text is about: The subscriber gets a coupon for 15% off for their birthday and they can click the link in the SMS to redeem that coupon.

True, it’s not the most engaging message, but it certainly is clear.

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At Home
At Home: View your 15% off birthday coupon: [link/7a9a7190-cce9-57fd-a855-e5fa1ae128c] Reply HELP for help or STOP to cancel. Msg&Data rates may apply

12:00 AM, Sat 8 August 2022

Send them a reminder

If you’re texting your customers on their birthdays, there’s a chance they might be too busy celebrating to pay attention to your first message. Send them a reminder when their birthday discount is about to expire, as World Market does here.

The brand combines a sense of urgency (“expires soon”) with some FOMO (“won’t be back for another year”) to get the subscriber to take action.

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World Market
World Market: Don't forget! Your 15% off Birthday offer expires soon, and won't be back for another year. Get offer: [link/9fb3b803-e56a] .

12:00 AM, Fri 12 December 2021

Send birthday-specific offers

When you don’t have your subscribers’ exact birthdays, you can still promote a product or send an offer specific to a certain month. In this birthday SMS example, Jewelry brand Judith Bright presents the August birthstone.

The promotion is relevant both to those born in August that want to treat themselves, and to those who are looking for a present for a loved one whose birthday is in August. You could do something similar if you sell zodiac sign-related products, for example.

Do note that adding an image to an SMS turns it into an MMS, which is usually more expensive to send and doesn’t always appear as it should in the subscriber’s inbox. If you want to show a product image, make sure the rest of your message can be understood without the image being visible, just in case it doesn’t automatically display.

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Judith Bright Jewelry
Judith Bright: Happy birthday to our August babes! Shine bright this month in your electrifying birthstone >> [link/ef5c4a01-d68e-5087-a2a8] Judith Bright: Happy birthday to our August babes! Shine bright this month in your electrifying birthstone >> [link/ef5c4a01-d68e-5087-a2a8]

12:00 AM, Wed 8 August 2022

Help them celebrate loved ones

Another thing you can do when you don’t have your subscribers’ birthdays—or when you simply want to give them more reason to shop with you —is help them find presents for their loved ones’ birthdays.

Similar to the example above, FTD Flowers sends month-specific birthday reminders to its list. In December, they throw in a 20 percent discount for shoppers who want to get December-borns more than just a holiday gift.

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FTD Flowers
FTD: December birthdays deserve more than holiday treats. Send something special just for them with 20% off! Order Now: [link/10bb1fcc-75f6-4128-a722-]

12:00 AM, Wed 12 December 2021

Include a clear expiration date

Birthday discounts are only birthday discounts if they’re only valid around the time of a person’s birthday. That may seem like common sense, but the last thing you want is a shopper who gets frustrated because they tried to redeem their birthday gift too late.

Cost Plus World Market clearly communicates the expiry date for the birthday discount in this text message. The additional benefit of this messaging is that it creates a sense of urgency, especially when the recipient has only a few days to claim their discount.

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World Market
Happy Birthday from Cost Plus World Market! Celebrate w/ 15% off your next purchase. [link/619962ed-5e86] Expires: 12/31/21 Text STOP 2 cancel, HELP 4 help.

12:00 AM, Wed 12 December 2021

Use birthday gifts as an incentive to join your loyalty program

As we saw above, you can use the promise of a birthday gift as an incentive to have people share their birthday. You can also use that same promise as a reason for them to sign up for your loyalty program.

Andie Swim remains a bit vague about what exactly loyalty members get for their birthday, which creates a bit of mystery. You can also be specific and offer them extra birthday rewards when they shop, or a special member’s discount, for example.

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Andie Swim: We upgraded our rewards program. Join our Swim Club and earn rewards everytime you shop with us - we also promise to never forget your birthday! Sign Up: [link/4635eb00-6b61-4b9f-9390-6e]

12:00 AM, Mon 5 May 2021

Strategic Tips for Your Birthday SMS Campaigns

Combine the birthday SMS examples above with the following tips to create effective birthday SMS campaigns.

Go for a multi-channel approach

SMS and email marketing go great together. If your birthday subscriber is signed up for both your SMS and email list, don’t hesitate to congratulate them through both channels. While text messages are direct and highly visible, emails allow you to easily include festive images and GIFs. Just check out our birthday email examples for some ideas.

Make it easy to redeem the gift

The easier you make it for people to shop, the less likely they’ll drop off before they hit the “purchase” button. It’s no different with birthday text messages. Create an easy-to-remember coupon code and include a link to your store that automatically includes the code to the shopper’s cart. That way, they can choose whether they move to desktop and add the code to their cart themselves, or click through on their phone and start shopping straight away.

Personalize your message

Birthdays are personal affairs—so the more you can show you know your customers, the better. Don’t just include their name in your birthday message. Try to mention a recent purchase, how long they’ve been a customer, or something else that tells them they’re not just another order number for you.

If you sell clothing, for example, you could text them saying their [insert most recently bought item] will help them create the perfect birthday outfit.

Follow up

Don’t expect people to be on their phones for their entire birthday. Even if they see your birthday message and would love to make use of the gift you sent them, they may forget about it amidst all of the celebrating.

Send them a reminder in the days before their birthday offer expires so they can still make use of it.

Give people the chance to opt out of birthday messages

Not everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday—and for some people, aging is a sensitive topic. Offer your subscribers the chance to opt out of birthday messages so you don’t risk annoying them on what they’ll try to pretend is a day like any other.

Optimize your send time

If you’ve already tested which send times work best for your audience, use those results to determine when to send your birthday messages. You should always take time zones into account. If you message someone a “Happy Birthday” when it’s 11 p.m. where they are, you can come across as being tardy and not make the best impression.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Happy Birthday

Birthdays are personal events shared with family, friends…and your brand! Show your customers you care by sending them a happy birthday text message and offering them a special birthday gift or discount.

Help them celebrate the birthdays of loved ones by sending them gift suggestions, and let everyone join in your brand’s own birthday celebrations with a big sale or birthday offer.

Finally, be sensitive to the fact that some people prefer to see their birthday go unnoticed and offer them the chance to opt out of birthday messages.

Combine the advice in this post with the many real-life examples of birthday messages in the MailCharts database to craft an effective SMS birthday marketing strategy and boost your sales, while putting a smile on your customers’ faces.

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