Earth Day is a great opportunity to connect with your customers.

You can inspire your readers to act, get in the giving mood with a “give to get” motif, or simply use the holiday as a promotional opportunity for your brand.

Are you ready to create a great Earth Day campaign? Here’s three different ways you can tackle this:

Idea #1: Inspire action

  • Puma encouraged its readers to ditch the treadmill and go for a jog outside.

puma earth day newsletter 2015

  • PureFix focused on riding bikes on Earth Day.

purefix earth day newsletter 2015

  • What would be an inspiring call-to-action that aligns with your brand?

Idea #2: Give to get

  • H&M offered 20% off to customers that donated unwanted clothes. What a great win-win!

h&m earth day newsletter 2015

  • American Eagle promoted a one-day 20% off sale. The trick? If you donated old jeans the offer was extended for 8 more days.

american eagle earth day newsletter 2015

  • Can you reward your audience for taking part in one of your sustainability initiatives?

Idea #3: A general promotion

  • If all else fails, what offer can you promote?
  • The Honest Co promoted a simple “There’s now $15 in your account. No coupon code needed”. A straightforward promotion with no gotchas. I love these.

the good company earth day newsletter 2015

The sooner you start the better; over 80% of Earth Day emails in 2015 were sent on the day of the holiday—consider sending a day or two early to get a head start!