Now that most of us are on what amounts to the world’s longest staycation (complete with in-home “social distancing”), it may be tough to plan meaningful Q2 campaigns.

Still, if upcoming holidays remain on your radar our holiday strategy pages are a great place to start. They’re focused on the most marketable upcoming seasonal opportunities, including:

Reminder: our strategy pages deliver curated email examples, sample email marketing calendars, volume and discounting trends plus thoughtful copy tips. They’re the Swiss army knife of email campaign tools.


Marketing beyond Easter 💐and Cinco de Mayo 🌮

If our holiday strategy pages give you a headstart, our curated email lists supplement them with dozens more email examples that can help you plan campaigns for the stars of the holiday calendar plus a constellation of supporting players, among them:


Even more holiday marketing ideas? Well, yes

We haven’t had time to curate email lists for every last one of the scores of holidays or seasonal events that crop up on the calendar, but with our Advanced Search options you can track ’em down yourself. That means we give you the resources to market:

TBH: For maximum Advanced Search results we recommend opening a paid account. Paid account holders can perform any combination of keyword, date range, email classification, holiday and other searches on our full data universe of more than 7.8 million emails.


Act on real-world marketing trends

When you become a MailCharts paid account holder, access to our huge dataset of holiday emails is just the beginning.

Your pro account also gives you the tools to:

  • Analyze full Email Journeys that document campaigns triggered by common consumer actions — from placing an order or abandoning a cart to canceling a subscription
  • Compare your email program against a peer, an entire industry or a set of brands you customize yourself — to size up trends in sending behavior, content analysis, promotions and email score
  • Tap curated industry groups that assemble emails sent by industry peers and help you uncover trends in send time and day, promotions and more 
  • Receive Weekly Roll-ups in your inbox of emails your tracked companies are sending — to keep you current on promotional and creative trends that can spark fresh thinking about your own campaigns
  • Export emails as high-res images or HTML files or download email data for scores of emails in easy-to-manipulate CSV format

If you’ve been tasked with keeping your email marketing program on an even keel, maintaining appropriate holiday campaigns is a good place to start. 

Just remember that our time-saving resources can help you focus — and act — on real-world email marketing trends to test and deploy the full range of creative campaigns … and do it cost effectively.

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