Mother's Day Email Examples and Strategy

One of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year, Mother’s Day kicks off the summer promotional period for most brands.

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The United States and Canada celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month. In the UK, Mother’s Day was originally a religious holiday called Mothering Sunday and is the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday.

It’s a big gift-giving holiday that kicks off summer promotions. Here are our favorite Mother’s Day email examples and ideas to help inspire your campaign.

Mother's Day Email Examples

Mom still treasures gifts

This email recognizes that even though you’re all grown up now, your Mom still treasures the gifts you made for her. We like that instead of just promoting its classes, Brit + Co’s email suggests crafting something together with Mom. That’s a clever way to help customers create an unforgettable experience.

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Hearts & flowers rule

Hearts and flowers rules Mother’s Day messaging, but this email takes a refreshingly less sentimental approach.

It features a mom and son in a design as crisply tailored as one of RL’s shirts. Consider this efficient approach if you want to make your Mother’s Day messaging stand out from the pink-drenched competition.

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We could watch the animations in this email all day long. The primary animation tells the story of a fierce female (Eleanor of Aquitaine) and should hold viewers’ attention longer than the estimated 2-8 seconds it takes to read an email. The secondary animation showcases a rotating card collection.

More to love: The gift guide uses personas to help uncertain shoppers zero in on the right category. Fierce!

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Focusing on moms-to-be

Instead of relying just on the usual appeal to Mom and Grandma, this email focuses on moms-to-be by targeting a stretch-mark remover for pregnant women and those who care about them.

Even if maternity is not your product’s focus, you might have products that would appeal to a lady-in-waiting.

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Our all-time fav shopping reminder

This might be our all-time favorite shopping reminder. The headline says “Call your Mom.” Who wouldn’t jump on that request? We love the animated text on the retro cellphone and the way the email frames the free shipping and free returns offer. It might be risky not to feature products in the email, but the goal — to prod procrastinators into action — doesn’t get lost in the product shuffle.

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Get the laggards to shop for Mom

Here’s another great campaign to get laggards to shop for Mom. This email, sent 9 days before Mother’s Day, frames its gift guide in relatable terms — not just things Mom might want but items that have a little backstory, such as the “Binge Watch Bundle.” A design element to scope out: the color-coded calls to action, which match the color theme of the product aligned with it.

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Elegance for Mom

You saw that one coming, didn’t you? Notice the premium feel this jewelry email has. The elegant design and minimal copy mesh perfectly with Tiffany’s premier brand equity. This email is the equivalent of shopping in a Tiffany’s store.

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Give Mom thanks

Even Tar-jay is on this wavelength. While the email does include prices, you don’t see any special offer mentioned. Also, notice how Target smartly promotes products with a wide price range — from $29 to $295.

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Incentive-driven emails for Mother's Day work too

The Origins team not only offered a discount, they also positioned their product as a premium gift (“Moms are a gift so give them our best”). Very nicely done for a Mother Day marketing idea.

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Focus on the emotions

This email campaign from Pottery Barn is more hard-core promotional than other Mother’s Day messages we reviewed, but it represents the power of a strong hero image. The soft lighting and colors, the invitingly rumpled bed covers and the casual arrangement of items on the bed-tray make it look as if Mom just got up after lounging in bed on her special day.

Although there are no people in this image, the look tells a story, more so than a static placement of products.

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Mother’s Day Content Strategy

Forget the discount. Go for exclusivity!

On this holiday, exclusivity reigns over “SAVE 50%.” You’ll see plenty of discounting in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, but if you launch your campaign two to three weeks before the holiday, you’ll have the inbox almost to yourself. This early-bird approach gives you time to promote pleasure-giving over penny-pinching and engage your subscribers with creative, memorable messages.

Even incentive-driven emails should look special

Once again, we’re talking about Mom here. Even for heavy discounters, elegant design (attractive copy and typography with appealing imagery) wins over hard-sell, discount-driven, and anxiety-inducing last-minute messages.

Go for the experience as well as (or instead of) the merch

Statistic Brain found 36.5% of moms wanted “something handmade” for Mother’s Day. If that’s not your market niche, do the next-best thing: Show your shoppers how to create an experience for Mom using your products or services.

Amp up the emotion

A UK marketing agency found Mother’s Day messages with emotional content (copy and images) converted better than product or incentive-driven emails. If you have the time, test two versions of a Mother’s Day email – one that piles on the hearts and flowers and a more straightforward product message.