Mother’s Day Email Strategy

May 10, 2020

MailCharts saves you the trouble of secretly subscribing to your competition’s emails and then spending hours trying to find something actionable.

Below you’ll find the canonical reference for Mother’s Day email planning. From email examples to specific promotional strategies, we’ve included everything you need to ace your campaign.

Mother’s Day
Email Examples

Mother’s Day Email Campaign Planning

Use the calendar below as a starting point to plan your email campaigns.

This Bloomingdale's email calendar is based on Bloomingdale's, who sent 7 emails for Mother’s Day in 2018.
Want to see a specific company’s email calendar?

Mother’s Day Email Marketing Statistics

Day-by-day volume distribution

Will you simply send one email on Mother’s Day or will you send a few emails leading up to it, including a “last chance” email once the event is over?
Emails sent before Mother’s Day
Emails sent on Mother’s Day
Emails sent after Mother’s Day
Based on 8166 emails mentioning "mother's day", "mom", "mother", "mommy" in the subject line.

Mother’s Day promotional strategy

Mother’s Day
Discount Analysis

Discover the most popular types of promotions used for Mother’s Day.

Note: One email might contain more than one type of promotion — this is why these totals may not add up to 100%.

Distribution of Promotions

Understand how steep a discount companies offer for Mother’s Day. You can toggle between Dollars Off and Percent Off.
Be prepared for every holiday with the
perfect cadence and discount strategy.

Mother’s Day Content Strategy

Ace your Mother’s Day email content with these ready-to-implement strategies. Enjoy!

The United States and Canada celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month. In the UK, Mother’s Day was originally a religious holiday called Mothering Sunday and is the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Here are a few strategies to help you with your campaign planning.


1. Forget the discount. Go for exclusivity!

On this holiday, exclusivity reigns over “SAVE 50%.” You’ll see plenty of discounting in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, but if you launch your campaign two to three weeks before the holiday, you’ll have the inbox almost to yourself. This early-bird approach gives you time to promote pleasure-giving over penny-pinching and engage your subscribers with creative, memorable messages.


2. Even incentive-driven emails should look special

Once again, we’re talking about Mom here. Even for heavy discounters, elegant design (attractive copy and typography with appealing imagery) wins over hard-sell, discount-driven, and anxiety-inducing last-minute messages.


3. Go for the experience as well as (or instead of) the merch

Statistic Brain found 36.5% of moms wanted “something handmade” for Mother’s Day. If that’s not your market niche, do the next-best thing: Show your shoppers how to create an experience for Mom using your products or services.


4. Amp up the emotion

A UK marketing agency found Mother’s Day messages with emotional content (copy and images) converted better than product or incentive-driven emails. If you have the time, test two versions of a Mother’s Day email – one that piles on the hearts and flowers and a more straightforward product message.