Whatever Punxsutawney Phil may have done way back on February 2nd (we hear he predicted an early spring) there’s no doubt about this: the days are getting longer and the buds are just about to open. We can’t wait.

And thanks to our holiday strategy pages you don’t have to wait to get ahead of your upcoming campaigns for:

These ingenious strategy pages deliver curated email examples, sample email marketing calendars, volume and discounting trends plus thoughtful copy tips.


Marketing beyond St. Paddy’s 🍀 & April Fool’s Day 🤣

Hey: our holiday strategy pages are just the beginning.  We also curate email lists to deliver the raw material you need to jump on a range of upcoming holiday campaign opportunities, such as:


Unlock even more holiday marketing ideas

Don’t stop there. Take advantage of our industrial-strength Advanced Search options to tackle even the most offbeat holiday marketing events:

N.B: To take full advantage of our Advanced Search options you’ll need to open a paid account. Paid account holders can quickly search our entire data universe (7.5 million emails and counting) to zero in on emails targeting dozens of holidays year round.


Scan real-world marketing trends—and act on them

Becoming a MailCharts paid account holder gives you far more than access to our multi-year dataset of holiday emails sent by thousands of brands.

Your pro account also empowers you to:

  • Analyze full Email Journeys that lay out campaigns triggered by such common consumer actions as placing an order, abandoning a cart or canceling a subscription
  • Compare your email program against a peer, a custom set of brands, or an entire industry — to size up differences in sending behavior, content analysis, promotions and email score
  • Tap curated industry groups that assemble emails sent by industry peers and help you uncover trends in send time and day, promotions and more 
  • Get Weekly Roll-ups in your inbox of emails your tracked companies have just sent — so you’re always current on promotional and creative trends that can spark fresh ideas for your own campaigns
  • Export emails as high-res images or HTML files or download email data for scores of emails in easy-to-manipulate CSV format

Your 2020 marketing schedule is naturally studded with email campaigns targeting holidays and seasonal events great and small.

Bear in mind that our full array of time-saving resources can help you expand your marketing horizons — and with it your sense of your email program’s indispensable mission and utility — month after month, all year long.