This month’s holiday campaign planning update looks ahead to the biggest, baddest, most critical and chaotic season in ecommerce: Fourth Quarter! We’ve got gameplans for the most important campaigns of the upcoming holiday season.

But we’re not just focused on the popular kids — we’ve found some great campaign inspiration for a few of October’s lesser-known holidays and events.

Take a look below and get prepared for your upcoming campaigns.


Creative insights for the biggest holidays of the year

Our holiday strategy pages arm you with speedy solutions and creative illustrations from leading brands — including hand-picked email examples, sample email marketing calendars, volume and discounting trends and actionable copy tips.

These pages show exactly what you can do when harnessing the power of our platform’s immense dataset and curated information. Go ahead! You’re free to grab these strategies and implement them yourself:


Campaign planning for virtually any October holiday

A MailCharts Pro account also lets you take advantage of our googlicious Advanced Search options. This versatile search tool’s perfect for zeroing in on campaigns for practically any upcoming holiday or event. Just take a look:


MailCharts Pro plans to the rescue

Our superbly organized historical dataset gives you instant access to year after year of holiday campaigns by the brands you follow and care about.

Yet your Pro account does far more than let you search, sort and make use of our uncompromising archive of 6 million emails from 30,000 plus brands.

You’re also empowered to:

  1. Use Email Reports to gain a firsthand understanding of brands’ sending behavior, promotional strategy and email score
  2. Compare your email program against a single company, a custom group of companies, or an entire industry — to pick low-hanging optimization ideas for your own campaigns
  3. Follow Email Journeys that trace a full 30 days of email follow-ups triggered by an action — from placing an order to abandoning a cart to signing up for a newsletter
  4. Tap curated industry groups that assemble emails sent by your industry peers and help you uncover trends in send time and day, promotions and more 
  5. Create your own industry or peer group, uncover its trends and compare your (or anyone else’s) email program against it
  6. Export emails as high-res images or HTML files plus download email data — from send time and subject line to promo status and quality score — for dozens of emails at once in handy CSV format

Plus you enjoy a weekly roll-up of emails from your tracked companies, see how all emails score against industry best practices and, of course, zero in on virtually any holiday campaign under the sun (even Bosses Day) via our advanced search options.

Ready for October’s holidays and beyond? Let’s start planning.

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