Halloween Email Strategy

MailCharts saves you the trouble of secretly subscribing to your competition’s emails and then spending hours trying to find something actionable.

Below you’ll find the canonical reference for Halloween email planning. From email examples to specific promotional strategies, we’ve included everything you need to ace your campaign.


Email Examples

Halloween Email Campaign Planning

Use the calendar below as a starting point to plan your email campaigns.

This Tipsy Elves email calendar is based on Tipsy Elves, who sent 5 emails for Halloween in 2019.
Want to see a specific company’s email calendar?

Halloween Email Marketing Statistics

Day-by-day volume distribution

Will you simply send one email on Halloween or will you send a few emails leading up to it, including a “last chance” email once the event is over?
Emails sent before Halloween
Emails sent on Halloween
Emails sent after Halloween
Based on 3100 emails mentioning "halloween", "pumpkin", "lantern" in the subject line.

Halloween promotional strategy

Discount Analysis

Discover the most popular types of promotions used for Halloween.

Note: One email might contain more than one type of promotion — this is why these totals may not add up to 100%.

Distribution of Promotions

Understand how steep a discount companies offer for Halloween. You can toggle between Dollars Off and Percent Off.
Be prepared for every holiday with the
perfect cadence and discount strategy.

Halloween Content Strategy

Ace your Halloween email content with these ready-to-implement strategies. Enjoy!

Everybody’s getting in on Halloween, from infants to adults, parents to pets. If you want to claim your share of this $9 billion holiday, your email strategy must evolve to reflect this new reality.

Halloween is all about creativity – costuming, decorating, celebrating. Creativity will help your emails stand out in a crowded inbox, too. These strategies can give you the edge that gets your emails noticed, opened and acted on.


Strategy #1: Own the obsession – early

Adults aren’t embarrassed to admit they love Halloween. Capitalize on the excitement by publicizing sneak peeks, VIP content and special offers at the same time your summer campaigns are running. Whether you cater to the creepy, the cool or the clever crowds, be enthusiastic and invite your customer to share your excitement.


Strategy #2: Help customers succeed

Use your emails to remind customers about order deadlines so their party supplies, costumes, decor and other purchases arrive on time. Have a last- minute plan that helps out procrastinators and other desperate customers.


Strategy #3: Share your expert knowledge

Add content to your emails that enriches your customer’s experience, such as ideas for unusual and attention-getting costumes, party themes and tips, or indoor and outdoor decorating ideas that make them the envy of their friends and neighbors.


Strategy #4: Avoid subject-line clichés

Excise “spook-tacular,” “boo-tiful” and “no tricks, just treats” from your marketing lexicon. Please. Everyone uses them. Or, search for Halloween emails in the MailCharts app and click the “Inbox” view to focus on the subject line.


Strategy #5: Join the Emoji train

Carved-pumpkin emoji are popular, for good reason – they’re easy to see on all screen sizes. But that popularity can reduce its effectiveness. Explore others but avoid intricate designs.