Halloween Email Examples and Ideas

Boo! Scary savings and drop-dead deals hit consumer's inbox for this spooktacularly fun holiday. How should you optimize your Halloween email campaigns?

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Everybody’s getting in on Halloween, from infants to adults, parents to pets. If you want to claim your share of this $9 billion holiday, your email strategy must evolve to reflect this new reality.

Halloween is all about creativity – costuming, decorating, celebrating. Creativity will help your emails stand out in a crowded inbox, too. These strategies can give you the edge that gets your emails noticed, opened and acted on.

Halloween Email Examples and Subject Lines

Scare it up in style

We like this email for 4 reasons: It sets the theme for the season (“Scare it up in style!”). It has an imaginative system of categorizing products. The copy doesn’t resurrect a single Halloween cliché. (“Spooktacular,” begone!) Finally the subject line (“Halloween 2019 is alive!”) turns a basic product launch into an event.

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It's a holiday for kids!

Halloween and animations are made for each other, but just any old animated GIF won’t do. We love the kid-friendly Halloween icons in the Kidbox logo and the sheer happiness on the face of the adorable jumping model. It’s a good alternative to the goth-and-scary Halloween marketing imagery even for the youngest fans.

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We're not leaving out costume emails

Everything clicks in this email: the clever animation, the simple design, the call to action that says “Get inspired” and the prominent “Find a Store” button. Track this company in MailCharts to see a company that gets everything right about Halloween.

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Invent a way to fit in

If your company doesn’t have an obvious tie to Halloween, invent one! This purveyor of exotic pets nails it with everything from a teeny costume on the office mascot to a parade of creepy pets (beware if giant hissing cockroaches freak you out) and the dressed-up office crew.

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Gothic romance

This email promotes Halloween for adults who are more Interview with the Vampire than Friday the 13th about Halloween. It starts with a clever subject line (“Give them pumpkin to write about.”) and goes on to show how to incorporate both Halloween-themed merchandise with items that aren’t afraid to face the light of day.

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Low-key scary

Need a low-key way to hint at Halloween before you go into full Jack O’Lantern mode? This Modcloth email has nary a pumpkin, broomstick or sexy nurse, but the subject line (“Do you dare enter the boo-tique?”), the color theme and the animated Ouija board hint that something slightly wicked might be coming your way.

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Halloween Email Marketing Strategy

Own the obsession - early

Adults aren’t embarrassed to admit they love Halloween. Capitalize on the excitement by publicizing sneak peeks, VIP content and special offers at the same time your summer campaigns are running. Whether you cater to the creepy, the cool or the clever crowds, be enthusiastic and invite your customer to share your excitement.

Help customers succeed

Use your emails to remind customers about order deadlines so their party supplies, costumes, decor and other purchases arrive on time. Have a last- minute plan that helps out procrastinators and other desperate customers.

Share your expert knowledge

Add content to your emails that enriches your customer’s experience, such as ideas for unusual and attention-getting costumes, party themes and tips, or indoor and outdoor decorating ideas that make them the envy of their friends and neighbors.

Avoid subject-line clichés

Excise “spook-tacular,” “boo-tiful” and “no tricks, just treats” from your marketing lexicon. Please. Everyone uses them. Or, search for Halloween emails in the MailCharts app and click the “Inbox” view to focus on the subject line.

Join the Emoji train

Carved-pumpkin emoji are popular, for good reason – they’re easy to see on all screen sizes. But that popularity can reduce its effectiveness. Explore others but avoid intricate designs.