Finding product announcement email examples can be hard to do on your own. You need a keen eye and attention to your competitors’ emails to find all related examples. Because this process is mostly manual, great examples often fall through the cracks.

With MailCharts, you can uncover product announcement sequences in their entirety instead of one by one and in a fraction of the time. (Yes, that means no more subscribing to your competitors’ emails.)

Using the MailCharts app, our data team happened upon a recent Rothy’s product launch for the Mary Jane shoe. Typically, our team uses our advanced keyword search feature to find examples (targeting keywords such as “introducing” or “new collection”).

This sequence of three emails for this shoe brand started in February and spanned four days, from February 17th to February 20th. Below, we’ll walk through the emails and what we loved about them.


Email 1

Sent: February 17th

Rothy's - Something lovely is on its way...

We love this email because the imagery and text give shoppers a taste of what’s to come. Using phrases like “our most romantic silhouette to date” and references to springtime, they frame this new release as the perfect day-to-night must-have shoe. They also announce the date of the new arrival: February 18th (the next day).


Email 2

Sent: February 18th

Rothy's - An extra special delivery.

Around the same time the following day, Rothy’s promotes their new release with a second email. This email continues with descriptions like those used in the first email and formally introduces the reader to the new Mary Jane shoe, linking to the online store. Instead of concluding the email, they continue to highlight the various colors available with product photos and imagery to reflect the colors.


Email 3

Sent: February 20th

Rothy's - Making The Mary Jane.

Two days later, the third and final email regarding the Mary Jane shoe is sent. This email is more detailed than the first two in the series. It highlights the product’s components as well as the product team that developed the shoe. This offers subscribers a behind-the-scenes look at the brand. They conclude the email with a Spotify playlist dedicated to the Mary Jane shoe, which is a fun way to market their new arrival.


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