New arrivals email examples

Loyal customers are likely eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest, plus new arrivals are a chance to bring in new customers.

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New arrival emails are a type of product promotion email: typically, they focus on one new product & the product details. They can also be used for new collection releases for, say, a clothing retailer. The goal of these emails is to drive demand for new products. Let’s take a look at some examples of new arrival emails, shall we?

New arrival strategic recommendations

Brands don’t need to attach a discount to create excitement around a new collection. Loyal customers are likely eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest and it’s also a chance to bring in new customers. Take a look at a few strategies we’ve put together based on our email data:

Create hype before the release

Sending a teaser to existing customers or loyalty reward members will make customers feel like they’re part of the ‘it’ club. Take fashion retailer, Petite Studio, for example. A few days before the release of their winter collection, they sent a link to a lookbook of the new items shoppers can expect to hit shelves.

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Spice it up with visuals

Yes, this is true for all emails, but particularly for new products. Showing images and textures can help the customer experience the product virtually without stepping foot in a store. This can be done by highlighting textures within the product, creating interest with Animated GIFs, etc. For example, candy company, Sugarfina released a collection with Pressed Juicery. They focused the email on the new product features and leaned into their flavors and assorted packaging.

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Highlight what makes the product special

Use the new arrival email to showcase what makes this product different than the other products in the store. Mattress company, Leesa, created a new sheet set and focused their entire email around the quality and comfort of these sheets. Since the company is primarily known for quality mattresses, who better to buy sheets from?

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Share details about the design and production process

Share the behind the scene details with your customers – it will make them feel connected to your brand and excited about the new arrivals. In this new collection launch email, Birdies included images from the studio and details about the creative design process.

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Provide ideas on how to style new products

We love this example from Tiffany & Co with beautiful photos of their new collection and tips on how to style the products. This is a good strategy to get customers excited about the new arrivals and help them by providing ideas on how to wear them.

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Tell a story with on-brand creative

Kids clothing company Janie and Jack launched a new collection and sent a beautiful email full of on-brand visuals and messaging. This is a good example of knowing who your customers are and using a voice that they love to get them interested in new arrivals.

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Show the product in action

Include the photos of your products in use and help the customers experience new arrivals virtually. Food52 launched a new collection and showed how their kitchenware looks in a real kitchen (full of delicious food).

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Provide easy access to your website

Here’s a good example of providing easy access to the website and making shopping easier for customers. Stride Rite launched a new collection and added a “Shop by size” section that allows customers to select their size and land on the page that’s already personalized for them.

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Focus on performance

Use the email to communicate the value of the new product – highlight the quality and performance. Allbirds launched a new collection and talked about durability, quality, and materials.

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Explain how to experience the product online

Are you offering a virtual try-on? Make sure to mention that in your collection launch email! Customers will get a chance to experience the product and get to know it closer before they make a purchasing decision.

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New arrivals implementation details

In terms of implementation, new arrival emails are pretty straightforward. Although there can be some personalization, new arrivals are a bit broader of a reach, especially if it’s a new collection of items and not just one piece.

Segment based on previous purchases

If you happen to be a retailer with hundreds of SKUs and multiple new products at once, segmentation can go a long way. Say a brand is planning on releasing both a men’s and women’s summer shoes collection. Depending on purchase behaviors, brands have an opportunity to segment by the type of shoe they think their shopper would buy into different personas: If shopper looks like X, send them Y if-else send them Z. These data points should be readily available for use in your email service provider (ESP).

If creating a series of emails, set up an appropriate cadence

In the first email example above from Petite Studio, the brand teases the new collection a few days before release. If creating a follow-up to that email, create an email journey rather than a one time send. This organizes the campaign into one holistic release campaign that can be replicated for future collections.

Test emails across different email clients

If you have access to a tool like Litmus or Email on Acid, ensure any newly coded emails render correctly, especially if they contain a lot of tables or images. It’s fun to try new email capabilities but make sure it looks good wherever the end user is viewing it.