For most of us, taking Mom out for brunch or dropping by the florist’s (for roses) or the sweet shop (for chocolates) is probably on hold this Mother’s Day.

But as one of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year, Mother’s Day is likely to be as important in 2020 as it’s ever been. Possibly more.

With that in mind let’s take a look at a few ways you can keep marketing Mom Day successfully before, on and even after May 10 — whatever the products or services you deliver.


Gift Guides

Our data show that Mother’s Day email marketing begins at least a month before Mother’s Day. When you’re a full 4 weeks out a gift guide offers conscientious shoppers an edge in selecting, ordering and receiving the perfect gift with time to spare. And, of course, your messaging can motivate shoppers to buy for themselves as well as for Mom.


Introducing: The Sparkliest Mother's Day Gift Guide 🎁

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Last Minute Gift Certificates

Just because Mother’s Day has arrived doesn’t mean you can’t market a gift certificate to the diehard procrastinators on your list. Last year on Mother’s Day YALA trumpeted its 11th-hour appeal right on the subject line:


😴 Did you hit snooze on Mother's Day?

Can't see this email? View in Your Browser There's still time! Shop Gift Ce


Targeting All Women

As we noted about gift guides, Mother’s Day emails can do double duty — motivating shoppers to buy for themselves as well as for Mom. (If your brand naturally appeals to women, the twin-barrel approach is a no-brainer.) This Beautycounter email sent on Mother’s Day seems to be targeting daughters who may be mothers who may be shopping for themselves or their mothers or both (they’ve covered all the bases!).


5 essential mom hacks

Because mama needs a minute. *For each of the following products: Color Pin


Engendering Goodwill

Let’s say you’ve marketed Mother’s Day aggressively in the weeks leading up to Mom’s big day. Once it arrives you can take your foot off the pedal to remind customers why Mom may be the most indispensable person in their lives.

As the fourth in a Mother’s Day email series men’s and women’s apparel company Southern Tide sent last year, this touching email surely engendered plenty of goodwill toward the brand:

Southern Tide

Thanks, Mom!

We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Southern Tide Wishing you a very


Seizing Post-Holiday Opportunities

Whether or not you’ve engineered a Mother’s Day sale that extends beyond May 10, the emotional pull of Mother’s Day is strong enough to give you attractive post-holiday marketing opportunities. Two days after Mother’s Day last year outdoor headwear and accessories brand Turtle Fur pulled out all the stops to brow-beat encourage recipients to “get out of the dog house” and give mom something “uniquely her”:

Turtle Fur

In The Dog House Because You Forgot About Mother's Day? 😲

womens mens kids gear follow that turtle! Copyright © 2019 Turtle Fur, All



Is it possible to celebrate Mom once her big day is firmly in the rear view mirror? If you’re watch brand Armitron mailing a full 5 days after Mother’s Day it clearly is, as long as you rely on a tried-and-true technique: the last chance to save 35% and enjoy free 2-day shipping:

Last chance to save during our Mother's Day Sale!

It's your last chance to save during our Mom's Day Sale! Receive 35% off an

For even more ideas, visit our convenient Mother’s Day Email Strategy page. And once you sign up for MailCharts (did we mention it’s free?), you can check out our curated list of Mother’s Day emails.

Editorial image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay