Who’s ready for some fresh email inspiration? We’re highlighting 5 new brands in the MailCharts Index and 4 newly unlocked journeys, including Browse and Cart Abandonment and Onboarding. 

With air travel beginning to open up again, we also have new insights into the 29 brands in our Airlines and Air Travel industry group, like Emirates, Spirit Airlines and CheapO Air.

What’s new in the MailCharts Index

We review, analyze and track brands, emails and triggered journeys for you every day. Find some notable entries below.

New Brands

MailCharts monitors the ecommerce world to find emerging brands that can inspire and inform your email campaign plans, like these:

New Journeys

These four journeys cover key points on the customer journey. We unlocked them temporarily so you can see how these brands structure their campaigns to engage and retain customers.

Browse abandonment

Shoppers who break off their browse sessions aren’t as committed as cart-abandoners, so your follow-up email should follow Serena & Lily‘s example and focus more on answering questions or inviting them back for a second look.

Cart abandonment

If your brand’s products have longer consideration cycles, like furniture, you have to be more persuasive to bring customers back. Pottery Barn Kids sends a 7-email cart-abandonment journey over 2 weeks, moving from emphasizing value to comparison-shopping similar products and ending with a last-chance push.   

Cart abandonment

Kopari‘s abandonment journey is more aggressive than most – it offers a purchase incentive in each of the 6 emails it sends over 3 days. It sweetens the deal halfway through with a buy one-get one promotion and finishes with a strong dose of FOMO to bring customers back.


Adore Me‘s onboarding journey uses images and copy to express the brand’s value proposition for size-inclusive lingerie and a relaxed vibe that also directs shoppers back to the site to buy or to join the membership program.

Recently Curated Email Examples

Keeping your lifecycle and engagement emails fresh and up to date is essential. Find inspiration fast with our curated lists of shareworthy email examples.

  • Gift guides: These shoppers’ helpers are popular at Christmas, but they can drive sales for holidays and themed events all year long, like this one from Pandora
  • Purchase receipts: These essential emails do double duty – they assure customers they did the right thing and also give customers reasons to come back and buy again. Pottery Barn‘s receipt also includes shipping info.
  • Shipping confirmations: Shipping confirmations have some of the highest open rates of any email. Kendra Scott adds a little branding and personality to make its confirmations read more like a helpful email than a robotic system message.
  • Back in stock: “Back in stock but not for long” – the subject line on W&P‘s back-in-stock email is genius on two levels. It plays on both curiosity about popular products and the fear of once again missing out on a fan favorite.

Industry Highlight: Airlines & Air Travel


Middle-row seats on airplanes are starting to fill up again! Air travel fell 60% in 2020 because of COVID-19 precautions and locked borders worldwide. The recovery has begun, with about 2.8 billion passengers expected to fly for business or leisure in 2021. That’s 1 billion more than in 2020 but 1.7 billion fewer than in 2019.   

The 29 email brands in the Mailcharts Airlines & Air Travel industry group are responding to this pent-up demand with emails that offer enticing getaways but comparatively skimpy promotions. They also reflect travelers’ lingering concerns with health and safety and flexible booking and cancelation rules

MailCharts Airlines & Air Travel Industry Data

Promotional rates stay below 2019-20 levels: With air travel restricted in 2020, and passengers unable to travel, airlines cut back on flights to save money. Promotional rates followed suit, with average rates running well below 2019 levels until restrictions eased and airlines restored flights. 

However, by the end of 2020, industry-group brands still kept the average promotion rate hovering 20% below the previous year. Some travel experts predict promotions will stay low thanks to pent-up demand hitting just as the industry heads into its busiest leisure travel season.


Significant terms reflect traveler concerns: Significant terms in subject lines reveal trending terms common to the brands in each industry group and often reflect the zeitgeist of the times. Terms like “fees,” “flexibility” and “future” show how airline brands are tuning their email content to resonate with passenger concerns.

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What’s coming next in the MailCharts Index

We are constantly updating our MailCharts Index with fresh data. Look for new content in these and other areas:

  • New triggered journeys: We’re busy triggering and classifying new journey emails every day. Watch for new examples  in our next MailCharts Index blog post.
  • Is Mothers Day on your event horizon?  Find inspiration from two sources: 
    • Check our hand-curated Mothers Day list
    • Search for emails in the industry group for your brand. Click on “Browse Emails,”  then choose “Mothers Day” in the Holidays drop-down on our Advanced Options filter.


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