Sumer was i-cumin in … but now it’s about to leave. And speaking of leaves, Fall’s on the way.

To plan your campaigns for September and beyond, start with these holiday strategy pages, curated email lists and do-it-yourself advanced search results.


Holiday strategy pages

Focus on fresh ideas for building successful holiday mailings with our holiday strategy pages. You get hand-picked email examples plus on-target content strategy tips for upcoming dates like these:


Curated holiday lists

If you’re looking for still more hand-picked examples, start with our curated email lists. You’ll find scores of additional email examples to help you get fall campaigns like these underway:


Advanced search opportunities

To enlarge your holiday marketing opportunities, turn to our industrial-strength Advanced Search options to put dozens more examples at your fingertips. Find near-instant inspiration for campaigns on:


Plus opportunities on the fly

You’re always ready to explore promotional ideas on the fly, such as evaluating marketing emails that use the words “gift card” in the subject line:

Note: To maximize your Advanced Search results, open a paid account. Paid account holders can perform any combination of keyword, date range, email classification, holiday and other searches on year-after-year of emails in our huge data universe. (BTW: there are nearly 19,000 “gift card” emails.)


Enjoy new reporting tools

Take advantage of new reporting tools that let you compare data between brands, date ranges, and more. It’s now effortless to:

  • Analyze leading brands’ send frequency and timing to lock down your promotional calendar and accelerate planning for your next campaigns
  • Uncover trending popular and significant subject line terms to see which words or phrases are (and have been) popping up in top brands’ subject line content
  • Use promotional rates and frequency to decide how often, and how deeply, to discount in your upcoming campaigns
  • Size up the campaign behavior of brands and groups against the entire MailCharts brand universe — for instant perspectives on what to do next
  • Assess top brands’ marketing behavior day by day, month by month since January 2018 — using their evolving email cadence and promo rate to inform how you map out your marketing calendar

Reports like these make it a snap to see what’s trending in email marketing among leading brands as well as to view aggregate trends in over 50 industries — from Footwear to Eyewear.

There’s no faster way to gain an edge in planning and rolling out your critical September and Q4 campaigns.

Get started for free or, if you’re ready for all MailCharts has to offer, upgrade now.