Yesterday we teamed up with Tinuiti for part of its 3-day “Conquering Q4: A Holiday Planning Series for Marketers.” During our session we were delighted to help Tinuiti show you how to feel confident about your Q4 email campaign planning.

Among other things we tackled:

  • How many emails to send weekly during October, November and December
  • Ways to segment your audience for the holidays
  • How to maximize new subscribers in October, ramp up revenue in November and keep November and December conversions on your list for 2021
  • How to jumpstart your October, November and December campaigns — including targeted Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday mailings  — with inspiring creative examples
  • The importance of updating triggered lifecycle campaigns — abandoned carts, welcome/onboarding series, back-in-stock notices — to make them consistent with your Q4 messaging


We love sharing great data!

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