I am excited to share some updates to MailCharts and how we’ve elevated our Groups feature. Not only is it now easier to create your own groups, we’ve also introduced a powerful new brand search to help you find and discover new brands. Looking for a starting point? Browse over 60 industry groups that we’ve curated to highlight the value of group data.

Groups are a core component of MailCharts. With access to key data points across a collection of brands, you can easily compare and benchmark yourself and multiple companies. Let’s dive in!


How to create groups

Creating groups is simple using MailCharts’ brand search feature. Search brands using keywords or try our advanced options and take advantage of our powerful search filters to discover companies. 

Advanced search


Custom groups can be created any way you’d like by quickly adding brands from your search results.

Add company 1


Why groups are useful/powerful

I’ve found that grouping brands together enables more meaningful and useful information from MailCharts’ data. For example, you can more effectively benchmark, compare, conduct historical research, and answer questions like:

    • How are my emails designs measuring up?
    • Am I sending enough emails?
    • Are my competitors more promotional than I am?
    • What can I do to differentiate my campaigns?
    • And much more!


How to use groups

Creating and populating your own custom groups unleashes your planning and strategy. Define your own group criteria and create the groups that are valuable to you. 

  • Brands can use groups to track competitors, peers, and up-and-coming companies for inspiration and comparison.
  • Agencies can create and present groups to clients to help them with their own research, marketing, and strategy.
  • Sales and customer success teams can organize groups by their top prospects and improve the data of their existing “leads”.


Our curated industry groups

Dive into data and insights from over 60 industry groups that we’ve curated to highlight industries that matter to you. These industry groups include brands that we’ve carefully selected to showcase the value of creating groups with our data. 

Industry groups


What’s next for Groups?

We’ve got lots planned for how to continue making your custom groups even more valuable, helpful, and easy-to-use, including improved comparisons and promotional reporting.

Have any ideas or must-haves on your wish-list? We’re just a quick email away: hi@mailcharts.com!

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