Over the past few weeks you’ve sent out a blizzard of emails for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Now you’ve got to sit tight and hope Q4 lives up to your (and your boss’s) expectations.

Or do you?

Sure, year-end email competition’s fierce. Yet in the waning days of 2019, amid piles of torn wrapping paper and a fridge full of leftovers, you’ve still got some sweet marketing opportunities.

Let’s look at a few.


Give ’em gift cards

Sheplers.com bills itself as “the #1 western wear and boot store on the web.” So last year, with Christmas a scant two days off, they sensibly marketed e-gift cards for last-minute shoppers. Their email does a couple of things well: 1) it’s mercifully brief and 2) it zeroes in on the convenience and versatility of e-gift cards — including a key benefit that “they never expire.”

Did The Elves Forget Someone? E-Gift Cards Available

Sheplers 2018 12 24 0000 monday Did The Elves Forget Someone E Gif 618x1024


Celebrate all 12 days of Christmas

You’ve got to hand it to the email marketers at Australian clothier ONETEASPOON — “the original cult label for luxury denim, clothing, accessories & home decor for women, men and kids.” Recognizing that there are officially 12 days of Christmas (running from December 25th through January 5th) they created separate emails for each and sent all 12. Here’s Day Two:


ONEXTEASPOON 2018 12 25 2344 tuesday 1 DAY ONLY DROP EVERYTHING  490x1024Note: Paid subscribers can check out all 12 emails. Bear in mind you needn’t create an entire 12-email campaign to put The 12 Days of Christmas to work. Just select a date or two and tell recipients you’re marking, say, the 5th Day of Christmas or the 9th Day of Christmas.


Turn disappointment to your advantage

Christmas and Hanukkah have come and gone and millions of disappointed gift recipients (socks again?!) are still yearning for something — anything — special. Enter Nike, showing up on December 27 to urge its frustrated fans to (as the subject line puts it) “get what you want”.

Now it’s time to get what you want

Nike 2018 12 27 2331 thursday Now it s time to get what you want

Don’t abandon cart abandoners

Studies consistently show that cart abandonment hovers at 70% to 80%. (Is there any doubt these numbers balloon in the last hectic weeks of December?) On December 28 on-demand business and greeting card printer MOO used a free shipping code to motivate cart abandoners to complete their order.

Free shipping to help finish your order

MOO 2018 12 28 2322 friday Free shipping to help finish your o 702x1024

Bonus: add a second new year to your schedule

OK: end-of-year marketing must wrap up by New Year’s Day. But is there another way to carry New Year’s energy into the marketing you do deep into January? Last year Cosmetics brand Origins kept the New Year’s spirit going by inviting recipients to celebrate the upcoming lunar new year.  (Note: click through to see this email’s imaginative animated GIF.) 

Lunar New Year Limited Edition #1 Best Seller

Origins 2019 01 13 1600 sunday Lunar New Year Limited Edition 1 B

BTW: For 2020 the lunar new year arrives on January 25. So you’ve got plenty of time to gear up for your lunar New Year campaign.


More where those came from

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