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4th of July Email Campaign ideas

For marketers, the Fourth has multiple personalities.

First, there’s the appeal to patriotism and a shared cultural heritage that belongs to all Americans regardless of when and how they arrived in the country. Second, the Fourth has come to be seen as the high water mark of summer, with the rest of the season sliding slowly down toward fall with its home, school and work duties.

Although the Fourth isn’t a big gift-giving occasion, shopping for food and party goods (everything from clothes to decorations to home decor) gives you more opportunities to reach customers. Although not one of the NRF’s top 10 consumer holidays, spending on the Fourth is still expected to top $7 billion.

Even if your products don’t fit the food-fun-family-fashion theme, a creative hand with a red-white-and-blue color scheme gives you a relevant angle and the opportunity for your creative team to flex its muscle.

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Father’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

Poor old Dad can’t catch a break. Fewer people shop for Father’s Day than for Mother’s Day, and the ones who do spend less. But the spending gap is narrowing, according to the National Retail Federation’s Holiday Spending guide. Shoppers’ increasing willingness to open their wallets is good news for your Father’s Day email campaigns.

Gift advice that shows some ingenuity, plus copy and images that use humor and appreciation for all kinds of dads and sentiment can persuade more subscribers to shop with you.

Plan for Dad


Memorial Day Email Campaign Ideas

Memorial Day has a theme for everybody: American patriotism, the kickoff to summer, hanging out with family and friends, taking a long weekend away from work. One of these is bound to resonate with your customers and drive sales.

Here are four strategies you can use to plan your email program.


Easter Email Campaign Ideas

Easter is one of the biggest consumer holidays of the year as well as a major worldwide religious holiday. In the United States, it’s No. 5 on the National Retail Federation’s Top 10 holiday list, after Christmas/winter holidays, back-to-school/college and Mother’s Day but ahead of Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and Halloween.

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Mother’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

The United States and Canada celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month. In the UK, Mother’s Day was originally a religious holiday called Mothering Sunday and is the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday.

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Cinco de Mayo Email Campaign Ideas

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for the Fifth of May) celebrates the Mexican Army’s unexpected victory over the invading French Army on May 5, 1862. Aside from defeating what had been considered the best army in the world, Mexico’s victory prevented France from establishing a base it could use to aid the Confederate Army during the U.S. Civil War.

Since then, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into an annual celebration of Mexican culture.

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St. Patrick’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

On March 17th, it’ll take more than the luck of the Irish to spin emails into gold.

Green beer and shamrock-shaped sunglasses might not be traditionally Irish, but they helped push St. Patrick’s Day spending to a record $5.3 billion in America, according to 2017 National Retail Federation projections.

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Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate clash of romance and commercialism, but the traditional emphasis on flowers, candy and jewelry is evolving into experiences over things. Your brand needs to know its customer preferences intimately and be ready to pivot to new directions as needed.

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New Years Email Campaign Ideas

The challenge for retailers: attracting shoppers who are bruised and battered from an avalanche of last-minute, last-ditch, desperation-tinged emails, post-Christmas sales and closeouts and real-world distractions like travel, parties and down time, not to mention depleted wallets and exhausted credit cards.

But consumers also ready to spend the gift cash and cards that showed up in their stockings or appeared via internet magic. Anything that promises a fresh start and a change of pace from the year that just concluded will be appealing, too.

Here’s how you can maximize your email marketing efforts for the New Year