You have many ESPs (email service providers) to choose from, including Sailthru, Bronto, Drip, Omnisend and Iterable. One that’s become increasingly popular in the ecommerce space is Klaviyo. Klaviyo is an email service provider that not only allows email marketers to set up campaigns and triggered email flows but also has tapped into the SMS space. 

Integrating email and SMS allows marketers to create a more seamless, cross-channel experience between the two. Klaviyo is a great option for ecommerce businesses because of easy integrations with big ecommerce platforms. If you’re new to Klaviyo or ESPs in general, we’re going to give you a few quick tips to get started. 


1. Set up integrations with key ecommerce platforms for smarter segmentation and triggered flows

It’s difficult to trigger flows and enhance segmentation without incorporating your ecommerce shop and marketing tech stack. Thankfully, Klaviyo has a large list of native integrations such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and WooCommerce. They have several other native integrations with various email capture, referral programs, advertising, and affiliate marketing companies. For the full list, check the directory here. We recommend setting up these integrations first before diving into flows or segmentation.Explore Klaviyo integrations 300x286

2. Use Klaviyo pre-built flows and MailCharts data to cut down on time to set up automated flows

Klaviyo has a list of pre-built flows to work from. These are great starting points if you’re new to automated flows because they set up a clear flow path. Even if you’re a seasoned expert, their suggested flows are a good place to start and evolve from. 

These pre-built flows on top of MailCharts journey data can help you craft your welcome, cart-abandoner, browse-abandoner and post-purchase emails, win-back, and more. Explore email sequences from 100s of top ecommerce brands when you sign up for MailCharts.Getting started with Klaviyo 2 300x155Image Source:


3. Add more personalization to your emails with dynamic tags

By this point you should have already integrated your Klaviyo account with your marketing tech stack. Once you have that set up, you can start to pull in contact-specific data like location, name, birthday, recently viewed, or purchased product. These contact properties can be used in filters for segments but also as dynamic tags within an email. For more details on how to incorporate these tags and their proper formatting, check out this guide from our friends at Klaviyo


4. Utilize smart sending to avoid list fatigue for overlapping audience sends 

When you’re starting in Klaviyo, burning through your contact list is probably not the first thing on your mind. While it does seem like a distant problem, it can creep up on you quickly once you launch your first few flows, pick up calendar sending cadence, or have created multiple segments. Smart sending is something you can easily enable for both flows and campaigns to ensure contacts  receive only a specific number of emails in a given period. It’s recommended you start with 1 marketing send per 24-hour period (note that this  applies only to marketing sends and not transactional sends). This ensures you stay in good graces with the deliverability gods and also keeps your unsubscribe rate under control.

5. Use the drag-and-drop or pre-built templates email builder if you’re not coding-savvy

If you’re new to email in general, you might not have a ton of experience building templates. If you’re a smaller ecommerce business, you might not have the resources to build a template. Don’t fret! With Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop email builder and pre-built templates, even non-coders can get an email set up easily and incorporate the personalization tags mentioned in tip 3. Check out Klaviyo’s help articles around email template editing.Getting started with Klaviyo 3 300x281

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While you’ll go through a lot of setup and discovery when getting started with a new ESP like Klaviyo, we hope these tips will help you save time in the long run and get up and running faster! Along with getting started in Klaviyo, sign up to check out our journeys and email examples curated in the MailCharts app to inspire your new flows and campaigns. Happy emailing! 

Editorial photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash